GreatCall Lively Mobile Best Features

GreatCall Lively Mobile offers a feature it calls Urgent Care, which allows Lively Mobile users to connect with a licensed nurse or doctor through their medical alert device. Other medical alert devices offer no such access – users would have to stick to finding information out for themselves online, or making a phone call or trip to the doctor’s office.

GreatCall Urgent Care makes getting reliable medical advice or answers to health-related questions as simple as pressing the device’s help button – no dialing required. Users can even get basic prescriptions refilled by calling Urgent Care. This feature not only saves users time and money over going to a physical urgent care center or doctor’s office, but can also provide peace of mind when they need answers to their questions. Licensed medical professionals are always on standby to help callers when needed.

Monthly Cost$24.99$29.99$39.99
One-time fees$49.99 purchase, $35 activation$49.99 purchase, $35 activation$49.99  purchase, $35 activation
Type of DeviceMobileMobile Mobile
Battery Life24 hours24 hours24 hours
Water ResistantYesYesYes
Fall DetectionNot AvailableNot AvailableIncluded in Monthly Cost

GreatCall Lively Mobile’s Pricing and Plan Information

All plans use the same device: the portable Lively Mobile. Users then choose a Health & Safety package, and the device is programmed accordingly. Lively Mobile is a small, lightweight device that may be worn as a pendant or wristband, in a belt-clip holder, or in a pocket or purse.

While most other medical alert companies use AT&T’s cellular network for their devices, Lively Mobile uses Verizon’s cellular service to connect with the monitoring center – this can be a benefit for those who don’t have a landline or a strong AT&T signal in their area. GPS location tracking is also available to help emergency operators and caregivers of users easily locate the device. Lively Mobile is waterproof, and may be worn in the bath or shower.

Basic Health & Safety Package

As the name implies, this is the most bare-bones package of GreatCall’s offerings. The Basic plan includes a Lively Mobile device and emergency monitoring service, but no extra features like Urgent Care or fall detection. This plan costs $24.99 a month.

Preferred Health & Safety Package

The Preferred package costs $29.99 a month, and includes some of GreatCall’s extra features. Urgent Care and GreatCall Link, a caregiver mobile app, are included in the monthly cost. However, this package still does not include fall detection; users who want automatic fall detection must choose the Ultimate plan.

Ultimate Health & Safety Package

This is the most expensive, but also the most comprehensive, of GreatCall’s packages at $39.99 a month. The Ultimate package includes all available features. In addition to emergency monitoring services, Ultimate subscribers have access to Urgent Care and GreatCall Link. The devices are programmed to include automatic fall detection, and users are enrolled in the product replacement program, which covers the cost of replacement for lost, broken, or stolen devices.

Starting Costs and Contracts

All Health & Safety packages come with the same one-time fees. Users must purchase the Lively Mobile device for $49.99, and pay a $35 activation fee. Shipping is not included, and costs $10.

GreatCall offers a 30-day free trial period, during which users can return their device for a full refund (there is a $10 restocking fee). Users are also free to cancel their service at any time without paying a penalty, and those who are in the middle of a billing cycle at the time of cancellation will receive a prorated refund.


GreatCall Lively Mobile devices are monitored by the 5Star Urgent Response center. All operators hold IAED certification and undergo intensive training. In addition to providing assistance in emergency medical situations, 5Star Urgent Response can help callers in anxious or potentially dangerous situations, like if they are locked out of their house, walking alone at night, or get a flat tire on the highway.

Caregivers and family members of users with access to GreatCall Link will receive a notification via the app any time their loved one calls the Urgent Response center for help.

Caregiver Tools and Extra Features

GreatCall Link

GreatCall Link is a mobile app that allows caregivers and family members of Lively Mobile users to check in on their loved one. In the app, caregivers can view a device’s battery level and power status, the device location, and user’s activity information. It also sends an automatic notification whenever the user places a call to the emergency monitoring center, and includes information about why the call was placed and what actions the monitoring center took.

GreatCall Link is included with Preferred and Ultimate Health & Safety packages. Apple and Android versions of the app are available.

Urgent Care

Urgent Care connects Lively Mobile users to licensed nurses and doctors via their Lively Mobile device. Users simply press their personal help button, then tell the monitoring operator that they would like to access the Urgent Care feature. The monitoring center will then transfer the call to Urgent Care. Once connected, callers can speak to medical professionals for advice, to have their questions answered, or even refill common prescriptions. Users are never charged for using Urgent Care. The service is included with Preferred and Ultimate packages. Basic users do not have access to Urgent Care.

Location Tracking

All Lively Mobile devices come equipped with GPS location tracking. Location information is used by the 5Star Urgent Response center to find callers quickly during an emergency. Caregivers of Ultimate and Preferred subscribers also have the ability to view their loved one’s location in the GreatCall Link mobile app. App users simply select “retrieve location,” and they can view a device’s exact location on a map. Caregivers of Basic subscribers do not have access to location information.

Who Should Consider GreatCall Lively Mobile

Seniors With a Medical Condition

GreatCall’s Urgent Care feature provides a simple way for users to connect with a licensed medical professional. For seniors with a medical condition, this could save them a trip to the doctor’s office if they have any questions about a medication side effect or dosing, or other concerns that can be resolved without needing to see someone in person. With nurses and doctors available 24/7, users can have their questions answered or seek advice at any time of day or night.

Active Seniors

All of GreatCall’s devices are mobile – there are no in-home options. This is ideal for active seniors who need emergency coverage both in and out of the home, as these devices work anywhere with cellular coverage (virtually anywhere in the United States). Unlike most medical alert companies, GreatCall Lively Mobile uses Verizon cellular service rather than AT&T to connect users to the monitoring center. For seniors with poor AT&T coverage in their area, this will greatly increase their ability to connect with the monitoring center whenever needed.

Caregivers and Family Members of Seniors

GreatCall Lively Mobile’s app, GreatCall Link, makes it easy for caregivers and family members of users to stay in the loop. GreatCall Link displays user’s activity information, their device battery, and real-time location on a map. Those with the mobile app also receive a notification each time their loved one places a call to the emergency monitoring center, so they know right away if they may need assistance.