For many seniors, remaining independent during the twilight years often means spending time alone at home and in the community. While this can mean older adults have the freedom to pursue hobbies and enjoy time with family and friends, it can also mean there may be nobody around to help in an emergency.

Medical alert systems can reduce the risks of living alone by helping seniors enjoy their independence while addressing the need for help. At a touch of a wearable panic button, medical alert users are connected with an emergency call monitoring center staffed by trained operators who can dispatch caregivers, family members or first responders.

Finding the best medical alert system for yourself or your loved one can be difficult, especially when you consider the fact that dozens of companies now offer monitored personal emergency call systems. To help you narrow down your options we’ve created a series of medical alert reviews that highlight various medical alert companies, devices and monitoring services.

In this article you’ll find an in-depth review of Connect America, an established provider of patient monitoring and medical alert systems. Below you’ll find information on Connect America’s medical alert devices and features followed by the pros and cons as well as a listing of the most commonly asked questions about Connect America.

What is Connect America?

Connect America is a Pennsylvania-based company focused on developing and distributing patient monitoring systems for institutions and personal emergency response devices for consumers. Founded in 1977, Connect America systems are available in over 30 countries, and their products are used by more than 1,000 managed health care organizations and long-term care providers.

Connect America’s medical alert systems are distributed through a network of approved resellers, including monitoring companies and drug store chains, and their systems are used by CVS Medical Alert and Medical Alert. Unlike most other medical alert companies, Connect America doesn’t sell or lease their help button devices directly to consumers, and the company doesn’t offer monitoring services.

Connect America Medical Alert Systems Features

Connect America’s lineup of medical alert systems includes two in-home systems and a mobile, GPS-enabled panic button. Automatic fall detection is available on all Connect America systems, and their wearable help buttons are safe to wear in wet environments, such as the shower or bath.

In-Home Landline System

The Premium Landline System from Connect America is a user-friendly, maintenance-free medical alert system that’s compatible with most landline phones, digital phones and VoIP systems. It includes a base unit that plugs into any household electric outlet and an existing phone jack, and the unit is equipped with a speakerphone and a large red help button.

Users can choose between a pendant-style or wrist-worn help button that comes with a long-lasting battery that never needs charging.

In-Home Cellular/LTE System

Connect America’s in-home cellular system works on the AT&T mobile phone network, so users don’t need an existing landline phone.

As with the in-home landline system, the in-home cellular system comes with a speakerphone-equipped base unit that’s paired with either a pendant or wrist-mounted panic button. There’s a back-up battery in the base unit to maintain service in the event of a power outage, and the help button is water-resistant.

Mobile LTE/On-the-Go System

The Connect America On-the-Go medical alert system is a wireless, portable personal emergency response system designed for use on the AT&T wireless network. It includes a small base unit equipped with a cellular transponder, GPS, help button and speakerphone that’s paired with either a wrist-worn or pendant help button.

What makes this system stand out from other mobile medical alert systems is the fact that users can carry the base unit in a pocket or bag and activate the system through a discrete, lightweight help button. This feature may help improve user compliance because many seniors dislike the idea of wearing a traditional mobile help button on a lanyard.

The base unit is powered with a built-in, user-rechargeable battery that’s rated for up to five days between charges, while the help buttons contain a non-rechargeable battery.

Automatic Fall Detection

Automatic fall detection, a feature that automatically activates the help button when a sudden fall is detected, can be added on to any Connect America system. In order for this feature to work, users need to wear a special fall-detection pendant on a lanyard.

Connect America Medical Alert System Costs

Connect America medical alert systems for consumers are only available through Connect America partners and resellers. For current pricing, contact a Connect America authorized dealer.

Who Should Use Connect America Medical Alert Systems?

Connect America medical alert systems are largely geared towards seniors who are looking for a simple, maintenance-free help button. The in-home systems are ideal for those who want to know they can call for help from anywhere in their home, while the mobile system is suitable for seniors who want comprehensive medical alert coverage both at-home and anywhere in the country where AT&T cell service is available.

Pros and Cons of Connect America Medical Alert Systems

Finding the right medical alert system for your particular situation means comparing your needs and preferences with the pros and cons of various help buttons and providers.

Pros of Connect America Medical Alert Systems:

  • Connect America has been in business since 1977, and its systems are used in more than 30 countries
  • All Connect America wearable devices are water-resistant and safe to wear in the shower
  • The wearable in-home help buttons are maintenance-free with non-rechargeable batteries
  • Connect America’s cellular systems are certified for use on the AT&T nationwide mobile phone network
  • Choice of pendant or wrist-worn help button with in-home systems
  • Automatic fall detection available on all Connect America medical alert systems
  • Back-up battery included on in-home base units
  • Mobile LTE system can be used with or without a wearable help pendant or wrist button
  • Systems work with compatible phone service throughout the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
  • Mobile device is equipped with GPS to enable accurate location tracking

Cons of Connect America Medical Alert Systems:

  • Connect America medical alert systems are only available through authorized resellers and subsidiaries
  • Limited device options
  • No medical alert smartwatch
  • Automatic fall detection isn’t 100% reliable

Connect America Medical Alert FAQs

Are Connect America medical alert systems available straight from the company?


Connect America consumer products are only available through authorized Connect America distributors and resellers.

What’s the difference between the In-home Cellular and the On-the-Go Cellular Systems?

While both cellular-connected Connect America systems are certified for use on the AT&T mobile phone network, the in-home system includes a base unit that must be plugged into a standard household electrical outlet. To connect with the monitoring center, in-home customers must be within range of their cellular base unit, and this range varies depending on signal strength, building construction and other factors.

By comparison, the On-the-Go Connect America system uses a small, portable base unit that’s powered by a user-rechargeable battery to provide coverage anywhere AT&T cell phone service is available.

Can I swim while wearing a Connect America help button?


Although the Connect America help buttons are water resistant and designed to be safe for use in the shower or bath, the devices are not designed to be submerged under water. Wearing a Connect America medical alert button while swimming may damage the device.

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