COVID-19 Update: With social distancing and stay-at-home orders, many seniors are struggling with loneliness and isolation. We’ve developed a list of products that caregivers or seniors can purchase to help older adults stay happy, healthy and connected, whether they are aging in place at home or in an assisted living community.

Best for Telehealth Integration

ReSound GN has been helping people manage their hearing loss since 1943 and today offers some of the most technologically advanced and customizable hearwear on the market. Each ReSound hearing aid comes in a broad variety of colors and styles with fit options for almost any hearing aid user, and ReSound’s sound isolation and noise reduction technologies make this brand one of the top choices in high-end hearing technology.

ReSound’s live support app, ReSound Smart Fit, leverages telehealth connectivity to provide users with a more exact fit and readily available support. ReSound also offers two rechargeable hearing aid options and all ReSound hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled. While pricing for ReSound products is not advertised online, consumers should expect to pay up to $1,000 or more per ear with authorized dealers for the cutting-edge technologies and premium customizability offered by ReSound GN hearing aids.

FeaturesLiNX QuatroEnzo QReSound ONE
Fit Type61: RIE
62: RIE
Custom Options: CIC, ITE & MIH
88: BTE
98: BTE
M&RIE (microphone and receiver-in-ear)
Battery Size/LifeBuilt-in or 1313 or 675Rechargeable, 312, or 13
RechargeableSome modelsNoSome models
Bluetooth (Wireless) EnabledYesYesYes
Wind ReductionYesYesYes
Noise ReductionYesYesYes
Feedback ReductionYesYesYes
Auto Adjusts to Changing EnvironmentsYesYesYes
Physical Volume ButtonYesYesYes
Tinnitus TherapyYesYesYes

ReSound GN’s Hearing Aid Models

LiNX Quattro

resound hearing aid

ReSound’s LiNX Quattro is the brand’s premier hearing aid, a feature-rich model that comes with updated computing and sound isolation capabilities and a long-lasting battery. With a dynamic range of 116 dB SPL and an expanded bandwidth frequency of 9.5 kHz, the LiNX Quattro features ReSound GN’s clearest and richest sound profile. This model comes in multiple, customizable styles, including a highly discreet MIH (Mic-in-Helix) design that provides industry-best sound localization, enhanced speech recognition, and better wind noise reduction.

The LiNX Quattro 61 model features built-in, rechargeable batteries that can last from 20 to 30 hours after just three hours of charging. This rechargeable model comes with ReSound’s portable charging case. 


ReSound’s LiNX 3D features optimal speech recognition in almost any sound environment. Thanks to ReSound’s Spatial Sense and Binaural Directionality III technologies, users will be able to hear 360 degrees of sound without having to reposition their body, even in noisy areas. In addition, the 3D’s noise reduction enables wearers to more clearly identify the source of the sounds around them. The LiNX 3D also functions as a wireless headphone by streaming from essentially any audio device directly to the hearing aid. This model features Made for Apple functionality and, with the purchase of an additional accessory, Android users can stream directly from their smartphones as well.

There are four LiNX 3D behind-the-ear models and a receiver-in-ear model, and each style comes in six custom fit options. Seniors who own a smartphone and want more control of their LiNX 3D hearing aid(s) can use ReSound’s Smart 3D app. 

Enzo 3D

ReSound’s Enzo 3D is one of the smallest hearing aids available for people with severe to profound hearing loss and is equipped with a more complete feature set than its sister model, the Enzo2. The Enzo 3D uses ReSound’s Binaural Directionality III to give users a better sense of where sounds are coming from and delivers some of the best amplification in the industry as well as advanced feedback reduction. Users of this model get the benefit of Made for Apple functionality and the ability to stream sound directly from an Android smartphone using a separately sold ReSound Phone Clip+.

Enzo 3D is available in two behind-the-ear models. The BTE 98 is ReSound’s ‘super powered’ model which features 12 days of battery life, even when streaming for up to four hours each day. Both the BTE 98 and the high-powered BTE 88 are both available in 10 colors. 

Warranties on ReSound GN Hearing Aids

ReSound GN’s warranty will only cover hearing aids purchased from an authorized retailer and only covers defects caused by the manufacturer. The warranty period will be from one to four years depending on the model purchased, and retailers have the option to offer additional warranty coverage. Consumers who believe their hearing aid(s) may be defective should contact the retailer from whom their hearing aids were purchased.

ReSound GN’s Hearing Aid Apps

ReSound Smart 3D and Smart Apps

With both the Smart 3D and Smart app, users can adjust their volume and mute their hearing aid(s), as well as use the sound enhancer to control tones, noise levels, speech focus, wind noise levels, and tinnitus settings. Consumers can also use either app to get in touch with their hearing care professional for help or to locate a lost hearing aid.

The Smart 3D app is compatible with the ReSound LiNX Quattro, LiNX 3D, and Enzo 3D hearing aids. The ReSound Smart app is compatible with the LiNX2 and Enzo2.

ReSound Relief

Tinnitus sufferers can use this app to relieve tinnitus symptoms. The app will work with ReSound’s wireless hearing aids and any Bluetooth compatible or wired headphones, earbuds or speakers. Users will be able to create their own soundscapes, balance sounds between ears, use a timer to play soothing sounds to help them fall asleep, listen to exercises in order to train the brain to focus less on the tinnitus, manage sound therapy files, track their app usage to learn which sounds work best for them, and more.

ReSound Control

Hearing aid users who want to adjust their device discreetly can do so with the ReSound Control app. The app allows users to adjust volume levels for a variety of environments as well as for streaming devices. They will also be able to mute sound, change and rename programs, and activate streaming devices. For Android smartphone owners, the ReSound Phone Clip+ is required to use the Control app.

ReSound hearing aids that are compatible with this app include LiNX 3D, LiNX2, Enzo 3D and Enzo2.

ReSound GN’s Hearing Aid Accessories


The Micro Mic and Multi Mic help ReSound hearing aid wearers more clearly hear group and one-on-one conversations. Wearers will be able to hear from a distance of up to 80 feet as long as there is a clear line of sight. During group conversations, the wearer will place the microphone in a horizontal position on a table. If they are having a conversation with one person, the speaker should clip the microphone in a vertical position on their clothing so that the hearing impaired can hear them clearly.

The Micro Mic picks up sound from all directions. When an FM receiver is used, the Multi Mic connects to loop and FM systems to allow audio streaming. The Multi Mic also streams audio from devices equipped with a standard headphone jack.

The Phone Clip+

While Apple users can stream from their devices directly to a ReSound hearing aid, Android smartphone users can purchase the ReSound Phone Clip+ to stream phone calls from their Bluetooth-enabled mobile or smartphone. By so doing, users can hear phone conversations in both quiet and noisy environments. The Phone Clip+ also streams audio from the ReSound TV Streamer 2. In fact, if the hearing aid wearer is streaming audio from their television using the TV Streamer 2 and receives a phone call, the phone’s ringtone will override the audio from the TV so that the wearer can take or ignore the incoming call.

The TV Streamer 2

With the TV Streamer 2, seniors can use their hearing aids just like wireless headphones. Audio from the television will come through crystal clear from as far as 22 feet away. When friends and family want to enjoy a film together, the TV Streamer 2 enables users to watch at whatever volume level he or she prefers without it being too loud for everyone else. The TV Streamer 2 also works with stereos and computers. 

Remote Control 2

Rather than having to fumble with small buttons on a hearing aid, ReSound hearing aid users can purchase the ReSound Remote Control 2 for its larger and more visible buttons. With this remote, wearers will be able to adjust the volume on their hearing aid(s), switch between programs, tune out loud background noise by muting and activate the ReSound TV Streamer 2 to control its volume. The Remote Control 2 is small enough to fit easily inside a purse or pocket.

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