Best Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids is an online platform that assists users in the process of buying hearing aids from start to finish. Founded in 2012, the company now works with a network of over 3,000 professional audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, and hearing aid experts to connect users with the top professionals in their area.’s experts can guide you through the process of purchasing a hearing aid with unbiased recommendations to help ensure success. To get started with, prospective wearers can set up a free, remote consultation with a hearing aid expert. 

In addition to its educational services and connecting people to local audiologists, offers a wide range of hearing aids from the top manufacturers worldwide. The company strives to provide its customers with the best products available, and focuses on hearing aids with the newest technology. One such feature is rechargeability, which frees wearers from having to replace batteries, and allows the devices to be in smaller, sleeker packages. has ample rechargeable hearing aids in different models and from different manufacturers to choose from. Some of these rechargeable hearing aids even offer wireless rechargeability for ultimate convenience. 

While typically sells hearing aids from other manufacturers, it does have one proprietary model, the Horizon. Developed with manufacturer Signia, Horizon hearing aids are highly advanced and are perfect for more active adults. You can learn more about the Horizon below.



Fit Type


Battery Size

Lithium-ion Rechargeable


Yes, wireless charging

Bluetooth Enabled

Yes, direct Bluetooth streaming

Directional Microphone


Noise Reduction


Feedback Reduction


Digital Sound Processing


Auto Adjusts to Changing Environments


Physical Volume Button

No; App-controlled


Starting at $2,900 or $100/mo’s Hearing Aid Models

The Horizon Hearing Aid

The Horizon Hear Aid by

The Horizon is’s sole proprietary model, and it has a lot to offer wearers. Starting with its RIC design, the behind-the-ear component is very slim thanks to its rechargeable battery. The BTE component is attached to the in-ear receiver with just a small, translucent wire, for a sleek-looking device that would be a good choice for someone looking for a discreet hearing aid. 

Along with its award-winning design, the Horizon has many high-end features to offer users that go beyond what most standard hearing aids offer. This includes direct Bluetooth streaming for phone calls and audio for all smartphones, meaning wearers can stream their music from their phone directly to their Horizon device for seamless listening. Another appealing feature of the Horizon, especially for those who have active lifestyles, is its lithium-ion rechargeable battery equipped with Qi wireless charging. Horizon hearing aids come with an included portable charging case that provides a full day’s charge (up to 19 hours) in just 3-4 hours. 

The Horizon is also equipped with directional microphones and dynamic sound processing for clear, natural sound in any environment. It’s even capable of singling out the wearer’s own voice and processes this separately from all other sounds. 

Most hearing aids purchased through, including the Horizon, are purchased on a financing plan. Horizon hearing aids currently start at approximately $100 per month, or a one-time cost of $2,900. You can contact a expert to learn more about pricing and your options. Horizon Hearing Aid Special Features

As the first hearing aid developed specifically for active adults, the Horizon offers some best-in-class features that should be highlighted. These add-on features make the Horizon not only a great hearing aid, but a helpful device for overall wellness for hearing aid wearers. Some of the most notable aspects of the Horizon hearing aid include: 

  • Relax Mode: This first-of-its-kind feature is the first integrated wellness program within a hearing aid. Wearers can select this setting for relaxing background sounds to reduce stress and increase mindfulness. 
  • Tinnitus Therapy: Tinnitus, or ringing/buzzing ears, is common among those with hearing loss. To help counter this uncomfortable ailment, the Horizon offers 5 static noise types and 4 ocean wave signals. 
  • Speech Clarity Algorithm: Horizon’s unique algorithm is clinically proven to provide excellent speech clarity in any environment. 
  • Smartphone App: Horizon users can use the smartphone app to change their aids’ settings for complete control over their sound experience. 

Warranties and Financing on Hearing Aids

Because sells products created by other manufacturers, hearing aids purchased through will maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. This can vary based on the manufacturer, but typically includes 1-3 years of coverage, with 2 years being standard. Prior to purchasing a hearing aid, be sure to ask your audiologist and/or expert for details about the warranty for your specific device. typically offers financing options for its hearing aids. Its zero-interest financing plan is available to those who pay the full balance of their hearing aids in 12 months. Customers may also choose to pay over 24, 48, or 60 months, pending credit approval. also offers a generous 45-day money-back guarantee to qualifying customers. This helps ensure that all customers end up with the best device for their needs, even if that means trying a few different ones to find the perfect fit. 

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