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Living Arrangements: How to Tell Dear Husband He's Moving to a Nursing Home?

Caring.com User - gailmb
gailmb said...
I have a question. I am sure someone can give me an idea. How to I tell my DH that he is going to be living in a NH. Do I just take him and hope for the best or do I tell him, even though he will not know what I am talking about. He is at the stage in this horrible disease that he can do nothing at all. He just sleeps, sits in front of the TV o... more
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - marianna
marianna said...
Is it possible to go several days in a row for lunch, and then lunch and supper, and then move him i... more
Caring.com User - Gatfly
Gatfly said...
So sorry to hear about your worsening health issues, Gail!! ♥ Angels- help me out here- who spoke ... more
Caring.com User - Tizzy
Tizzy said...
Gail, have you already found a NH for your DH and the plan is to move him fairly soon? If so, how ab... more

Caregiver Humor: Got to Get the Garden In

Caring.com User - 2many2care4
2many2care4 said...
this is my favorite of the week: on Wednesday I tell DH we will work in the garden on Thursday morning. Going to bed at my usual time(midnight) I am sound , sound asleep. Come out of deep sleep and there is DH in the dark saying urgently, "you need to get up" me: "huh, what?" DH: "Got to get the garden in!" Me: "it's dark out" DH: "But you ... more
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - aviovaimo
aviovaimo said...
Priceless--I hope you took a picture !
blueeyes5 said...
And I would guess he sleep until noon?
Holding22 said...
Love it Did you get your garden work finished?

Assisted Living: Should I Remind Mom of My Vacation?

Mojo1-TX said...
My Mom has been in AL for a year and a half now. She is always happy for my husband and me when we can get away for a few days. This week he had a conf. out of town. Our kids live in the town where the conf is, so we spent the wknd with them before the conf started on Monday. When it's over tomorrow, we are going to visit other relatives in the... more
from the Severe Stage Support Group
alz2011 said...
I have the same situation with my Mom. We have come to the conclusion that it is best not to share ... more
Mojo1-TX said...
Thanks for the advice. She has only asked about the checkbook one time in the last six months. I t... more
alz2011 said...
The first time we left town without specifically telling Mom we were going I felt like I was "sneaki... more

Caring for a Parent: Considering Professional Help Given Difficult Behaviors

Caring.com User - kathy50
kathy50 said...
The roller coaster ride hit some pretty steep hills this past 2-3 weeks, and I'm still reeling. Last weekend we were seriously questioning, for the first time, whether she would be better off in a facility. I was in complete breakdown, couldn't stop crying. Mom was mean as a snake for days on end. The blood and urine tests didn't show any signs of ... more
from the Severe Stage Support Group
notunderstandingthis said...
sending hugs your way.. you sound so put together as to knowing where to go and get help.. I know it is very difficult.. just know your not alone.. there are people that do care what you are going thru..
Caring.com User - Tersiab
Tersiab said...
Good luck! This is a good site to vent on.
Caring.com User - dear one of Mort
dear one of Mort said...
Kathy50, hypersexuality isn't uncommon. Mort suffered with it too. It does eventually wane but the... more

Caring for a Spouse: Missing My Husband's Comforting Words & Ways

Jeanne Absher said...
My husband has had this since 2006, and it has been so hard to deal with. He was always a loving and caring person. Always made me laugh, Now he doesn't even tell me Good-nite! This has been so hard for me, cause we always said Good-nite no matter what kind of day we had had! Somedays I don't even know if he knows who I am for sure.
from the Severe Stage Support Group
Sun lover said...
Oh that's got to be hard. I think of my hubby and I too. Know matter what it's a kiss and and hug go... more
need2understand said...
I guess I just thought my husband was a distant person since his family is kind of stiff and distant... more
alz2011 said...
Sorry you are on this journey, but this is a great site to get information as well as just vent. Yo... more

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