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Offers Memory Care, Independent Living, and Assisted Living

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Reviews of Oak Park Place Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa


(17 reviews)

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Reviewer RC#0818d


August 25, 2023

I visited this facility

The tour I had at Oak Park Place Dubuque was very informative, well-organized, and the information package was good. They were very friendly and very helpful. They had a variety of activities. They did crafts, they had games, and concerts. They have a schedule every day, so that's good. They have a gym, a salon person that comes in once a week once every other week, and a little community room where they had church services, which was nice.



July 6, 2023

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My husband is in Oak Park Place Dubuque and he's now in the memory care. It's been pretty good. Their nurses and the CNAs are good to him. They really take care of him and if I ever need anything or something's wrong with the unit itself, they're right on it and they're very helpful. The rooms are fine in the memory care unit. It's a good-sized room enough for a twin bed, a couple of chairs, and a nice TV. It's air-conditioned, and it's got a big bathroom with a walk-in shower, so it serves his needs. I had pizza the day we were there, and it was pretty good. They've got two sunrooms that are set up for a gathering. They also have puzzles that you can put together. On Wednesdays, there are movie nights, so they go downstairs and watch a movie. There's homemade ice cream on Fridays. The atmosphere is different because he started in assisted living. In an assisted living, you have your own kitchen and you're free to go around as you please. Memory care is locked down, so the people that are there are different than the ones in assisted living, but they're really good. You have to be a certain kind of person to take care of people that are having problems like that and they do very well. They've got a grand piano there. People come in and play music for them and they have a pub downstairs with a pool table. There's a lot for them to do. They ask them to participate and they don't leave them sitting in their rooms.



March 16, 2023

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My grandmother is at Oak Park Place Dubuque. It was the closest memory care unit to us. The staff is very personable and they take really good care of her. She's kind of picky with food, but they're very accommodating. They always have music or crafts. They always have something going on. She's close to the living room area.



February 14, 2023

I visited this facility

Oak Park Place Dubuque had a movie theater, a little pub downstairs, a pool table, some stuff where if somebody comes to visit Mom they can take her to these places, but not leave the building. On Fridays and Sundays they have a little ice cream parlor set up downstairs. So on Fridays and Sundays, they take all the residents down. The assisted people go by themselves, but the memory unit people, they take to the ice cream parlor, and it's set up really like an ice cream parlor. So it's kind of cute. They have them do stuff like folding clothes and stuff like that to keep them moving and doing something. The memory unit part, you know, like probably all of them, they were separated out. You had to have a key code to get in. It was pretty vanilla, it was nice. Everything was kind of beige and stuff like that. The person who took us on the tour was very knowledgeable. Everybody she met, she called them by name, so she obviously knows the people there. She was very friendly.



October 14, 2022

I visited this facility

Oak Park Place Dubuque was nice and well-kept. The people were friendly. The staff did a great job and explained things well. The rooms were very good in size and clean. The dining area looked like a fancy restaurant. They have an exercise room and a bar area.



July 6, 2022

I visited this facility

Oak Park Place Dubuque was the first place I went and I didn't think they showed me everything. I saw more in the other facility I went to. The place was nice, though. They had a nice dining area, but I don't think the lady went into it that much. She was very friendly but she seemed busy, and they might have been short of staff the day I went. The room was nice. I liked it a lot. It had a lot of windows and it was like a corner apartment.



November 7, 2021

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mom is currently at Oak Park Place Dubuque. The facility is nicely set up. The amenities are there for their use if they want to do it. They have a nice theater and a little pub, and the dining facilities are nice. It's also easy to get to for our family. It's on the west side of the city, so it's easy for most of our family to get there and visit. So those were the selling points. The staff there are OK, but I think they're so short-staffed that they spend very little time with the residents, and things are missed. My mom doesn't get a regular shower on the schedule. She is supposed to have it twice a week and sometimes she doesn't get it. She may get it maybe once a week, and usually, we have to prompt it. It was pretty good for a while, and then this week again, they didn't shower her on Wednesday and then try to blame it on her saying she didn't want to have the shower. My mom is very cognizant, so I know that she would not have forgotten and said, 'No, I don't want it' because later she said, 'No, I never said that.' So I'm not sure why that happened. When the staff is there, their care is okay, but I think they're so short-staffed that they can't spend very much time with the residents. I'm not sure how they structure their care plans, but it seems like they should tweak their care plans a little bit more and delegate the work to various ones to take care of various residents. I don't know how they divide up the work in the residents, but it just seems like there are some lapses. The food is OK, but my mom is picky though. I have not noticed any issues in the cleanliness. They're using the care staff for cleaning the rooms. They don't have special housekeeping. It seems like they have to use the girls that are there for caretaking for the housekeeping also. My mom's room looks okay now, but she's only been there a month. We've been cleaning in between, and the family goes in and does her dishes and things like that. I noticed the bathroom yesterday needed attention, and I think Saturday should be the day for a shower for her and cleaning. She got the shower, but I don't know if they cleaned. The activity end of it is good. My mom isn't one to partake in a lot of things. But they have cards, they have a craft room, they have music occasionally, and they had a nice little Halloween party. They also have movies. I think that end of it is okay.



October 20, 2021

I visited this facility

I had an in-person tour of Oak Park Place Dubuque. They have very nice people. It was very clean and a very beautiful place. They took us around the place, took their time with us, showed us everything and all our options. I have no complaints at all, and I'm pretty picky. They had like a little movie theater and exercise plays. They have different activities, and they all work together and play games. You could bring your animal with you if they're older. They got a puppy or something, they can bring that, and I like that. They have different sitting areas outside, a pool room where you could shoot pool, and a workout center.



August 22, 2021

I visited this facility

We went to Oak Park Place Dubuque. The staff was amazing. The lady we spoke to was very, very informative. I mean, she asked us a lot of good questions that we didn't even think of asking, and was very involved in what we're doing with our family now. For me, personally, I would put them just a little bit higher than the other place. Just a few of their extra amenities: I think they had the movie theater, they had the bar. The rooms were fine. We only got to see the one-bedroom, not the two-bedroom, but the one we did see was very clean. It was very nice. The dining area was very nice. It was very, very cozy to me. I thought that one, because there were a couple dining rooms, they were a little smaller than the other place. There were a couple of them, and they were just a little more quaint and cozy. They had a lot of their social stuff. They have a social hour, a happy hour type thing, and they have a movie theater, and they bring the residents in popcorn and they show movies, which are like in my parents case, you throw some John Wayne movies on there or they'd be there all day, they would sit there. Some of the stuff they really do cater to the elderly/what things they would like.



April 21, 2021

I visited this facility

Oak Park Place was very nice. I loved it, but they couldn't take my husband because he needs two-person assistance. What I like about them was that they were going to lock in the rate for a year if we could work something out. As for the room, I would have to bring a recliner, a bed, and a dresser. The bathroom was included, and they had a walk-in shower, too. They showed us the activities, and they had an exercise place and a walk-in tub, which I thought would have been nice for him. I wish they could have taken him.



February 23, 2021

I visited this facility

I'm planning to move to Oak Park Place Dubuque this 30th of January. I was there in 2016 in the assisted living and I have a very bad experience with the nursing staff. What made me choose this again was, that you're able to come and go after your initial quarantine. They also have all kinds of activities, like pub night where we get together and socialize. The facility is just gorgeous and it's not right on top of a busy street. It is up on a hill and the facility is very spread out, very decorated, it's gorgeous, and Carla was wonderful and very personable. I had to get over my initial bad experience there and she goes, "Oh, you're in a different place and a different management now." and I didn't even realize that it was the same place. The apartment was even bigger and a thousand less than the other facility. There are levels of care available there, so you don't have to move out. It has a garage too.



July 2, 2019

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

We're relatively satisfied with Oak Park Place Dubuque. My father just has a one-bedroom apartment in the assisted living, and he is doing well. Everything is fine up to this point.



September 12, 2017

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mom has been at Oak Park Place for three years now. It's very nice. I liked the staff, that's why we kept her there. They're very approachable, they answer all your questions, and they've been very helpful. I left her there because I liked it. I have not eaten any of the food, but she goes starts off liking it and then she doesn't like it. It's like every place else where she gets tired of it. I like the look of the place a lot, and they keep it very clean. They have a lot of activities, it's just mom needs a lot of encouragement to go. She would enjoy the facilities if she would go out, but this is all new to her, so she's not doing it. Right now, they take pretty good care of her and she likes them, which is the important thing.



October 27, 2016

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Oak Park Place Dubuque is a nice, clean, friendly place. and it’s easy to go and see my brother whenever I want to. He loves to play bingo. and they have a lot of bingo there. He likes to take walks, and they have room for him to take walks. The staff is very good, attentive, and friendly. It’s just a good thing.



October 31, 2015

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We think Oak Park is really quite good. It’s fairly new, the staff seem quite nice, and my mom’s doing pretty well. There’s music once a week, various field trips to different events in the city, and some crafts.



June 29, 2015

I visited this facility

Oak Park Place Dubuque was very beautiful and very clean. The people were very nice and funny. Everything seemed to be very upscale. The staff was terrific. The dining room was very lovely. They take people to other places.



June 17, 2014

I visited this facility

Oak Park Place was recommended by It felt very comfortable, clean, and welcoming. It was lovely, but it was outside our price range. The woman who gave us a tour was well dressed, calm, friendly, and knowledgeable. We were very impressed. The staff was very friendly and very nice. They were kind. They showed us the facility. We spoke with residents, and they appeared to be well cared for. I had no complaints at all, except that it just doesn't fit my mother-in-law's particular needs. The rooms were spacious, clean, and comfortably appointed. The dining room was lovely. It looked to be a very beautiful gathering place. We looked at the menus, and the food looked delicious. Some places have some assigned seating, but this place did not, so you could gather and eat with your friends.

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Costs for Oak Park Place Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa

Memory Care

Memory Care is specifically designed to meet the needs of those with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. Specially trained staff members assist with activities of daily living (such as bathing and dressing) and provide therapies to slow further loss of cognitive abilities.


Starting Price

Independent Living

Independent Living is for those who desire the feel of a private residence with the amenities and activities available in a planned community, such as fitness classes, game nights, and group excursions. Services such as cleaning and groundskeeping are often available.


Starting Price

Assisted Living

This level of care provides support for those who need help with personal care needs such as cleaning, bathing, and dressing. Residents selecting this level of care are treated to many amenities in a home-like atmosphere, while getting support in their daily lives.


Starting Price

Services and Amenities of Oak Park Place Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa


  • All Inclusive Rent

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments

Dining options

  • Dining Room Shared Meals

About Oak Park Place Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa

Welcome to Oak Park Place Dubuque

Options for Every Senior

The full continuum of care offered at Oak Park® Place Dubuque includes independent living at The Arbors, assisted living in The Grove, memory care at Autumn Lane®. At all levels, we focus on offering opportunities for residents to maintain and even enhance their active lifestyle while providing assistance with daily living when needed.

Choose a community with a professional, compassionate staff that knows you and understands your care and lifestyle needs. The decision to move to Oak Park®Place offers peace of mind and endless opportunities to pursue your own personal lifestyle while you plan for the future in our senior living community.

Dubuque - Independent Living

Your Lifestyle - The Arbors

The rental apartment homes in The Arbors come with much more than spacious layouts. The Arbors comes with a full array of activities and amenities to complement your lifestyle. With an on-site Executive Director, and dedicated Chef you will have choice daily. Yoga or book club? Shopping trip or church service? Which dinner entrée? The choice is yours

Dubuque - Assisted Living

Assisted living residents at The Grove find a wide array of activities, events, and outings to participate in with neighbors and friends. There are countless opportunities to enrich physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs through planned activities and events offered at The Grove.

Vibrant Activities Program

Activities, both on-site and off, are based on resident interests and include a range of things from chair yoga, movies, and concerts to book clubs, knitting group, and museums … and many other social events. Join the Oak Park® Place Resident choir or sit back and enjoy on-site musical entertainment, an educational lecture, or speaker. Fill your calendar and spend time with neighbors, friends, and family!

Dubuque - Memory Care

Specializing in Memory Care

At Oak Park® Place, memory care is a special focus. We offer a program of care that celebrates life and supports strengths. Specially trained staff engage residents – encouraging individual choices and joining them in their moment. The failure free philosophy at Oak Park® Place provides residents with a supportive and engaging atmosphere. And family has peace of mind that their loved one is in an environment that preserves warmth, caring, and the comforts and routines that help make a home.

Memory care at Oak Park® Place is renowned for its excellent programming designed to meet the specific care needs of residents with Alzheimer's or other dementia-related conditions. Life enhancing group and individual activities are a regular part of the daily routine at Autumn Lane® and serve to support physical and emotional strengths as well as quality of life.

Autumn Lane® in our Assisted Living communities provide varying levels of care based on each resident's needs. Residents are assessed by a trained professional and receive care at one of three levels. Adjustments to care plans are made if or when necessary with a focus on the resident's best interest.

Specialized Care and Services in our Autumn Lane® Assisted Living Community:

  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
  • Support with Medication Management
  • 24-hour Registered Nurse Response
  • Personal Emergency Call System
  • Monthly Wellness Monitoring
  • Life Enhancement Programming/Services
  • Family Care Conferences
  • Three Nutritious Meals Per Day Plus Snacks
  • Daily Bed-Making
  • Laundry Service
  • Weekly Housekeeping
  • Utilities
  • Local Phone Service
  • Secured Facility

Thank you for your interest at Oak Park Place Dubuque. Please give us a call to schedule a free tour.

Map of Oak Park Place Dubuque

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