My mother will not move from our house. What to do?

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Kaideen asked...

Thirteenth months ago we had a tragedy in our family and I lost my only sister, my dad also passed away. It was a very sad time and being the only child left I had to take on all the responsibility of my mother, we lost our home and had to find a new house, I have a husband and two wonderful children, we had nothing left but we soildered on and started slowly to rebuild our lives which is still in the process, Becsuse my mom was left alone and she was with us at the time of the tradgety she moved in with us, she is still here, it seems my sister who had a slight illness done everything for her, she is a young woman who treats my home like a hotel, she will not lift s finger expects her needs which are constant have to be dealt with on the spot she will not even walk to church or shops a little distance away and expects to be driven everywhere,we are all grieving and my both my sons witnessed the tradgety and I fear for their mental health in later life, she thinks nobody went through anything only her, I can't imagine how difficult it is to lose your child but I lost my sister and that has to count for something she has a lovely home and land of her own and continues to pay for it and anything that needs doing to it, I don't want her to be lonely but I cannot take looking after her like a baby, doing everything she wants her telling me what to do and complaining about the TV the kids watch it's too loud for her, the foods she will only eat, how to wash her clothes, the list goes on and on, my husband is ready to burst, he had 'words' with her some months back when she nagged him too much and he gave her an ultimatum but in a few days it was all forgotten about by her, as I said I don't want her to be lonely and we would visit her regularly and help her but she has always been an unmotivated person, I feel so trapped and my own family life has suffered so much, thank you for any advice you may have.