At what age do the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's begin to appear in women?

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Granddaughter01 asked...

My grandmother is in the late moderate stage of Alzheimers. All of the women on my grandmothers family have had Alzheimers or Dementia going back as far as anyone can remember. My mother is about 10 years away from the age that we started noticing something wrong with my grandma. What age do most start getting effected by Alzheimers? And are there specific signs I need to start looking for?

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Joanne Koenig Coste is a nationally recognized expert on Alzheimer's care and an outspoken advocate for patient and family care. She is the author of Learning to Speak Alzheimer's. Also, she currently is in private practice as an Alzheimer's family therapist. Ms. Koenig Coste also serves as President of Alzheimer Consulting Associates, implementing state-of-the-art Alzheimer care throughout the United States.

This website,, has several online lists of the signs of Alzheimer's (AD) that are extremely concise and useful. Just type the words "Symptoms of Alzheimer's" into the search mode and you will have immediate results that can be printed and shared with other family members. The age is less predictable than the symptoms as the first signs of AD can begin in the 3rd or 4th decade or well into the 80's. If you suspect the Familal type of AD might be effecting your grandmom then do check with your neurolgist about the possiblity of early testing for you and other family members. Take good care of yourself with healthy diet and exercise, both mental and physical.