How can I help myself recover from mild Alzheimer's?

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Prican asked...

I have been diagnosed with mild Alzheimer's. What i cant do to get better? I have a 14 year old daugther and i want to be there for her.

Community Answers

Kay55 answered...

Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. For a short while, I ran an Assisted Living facility for all levels of patients w/Alzheimers. I was there just for the experience. Out of 6 patients, there was one Lady that acted normal for her age 90% of the time. She was the ONLY patient there on medication. It seemed to work great for her. Then, my 89 year old Mother was diagnosed with the disease. She just all of a sudden became forgetful, started sleeping in her clothes, and couldn't tell time at all. She was put on an Alzheimer medication and it worked quite well. She could tell time again, went back to sleeping in PJ's, and I felt like I had my Dear Mother back again. She did fine for about a year, until she passed away from sudden onset of Leukemia. I have heard that medication cannot cure Alzheimers, but it certainly slows down the progression. I saw it do wonders on my Mom. Also, it is said the earlier that you start on meds, the better. I wish you the best from my heart and believe you CAN be there for your lovely daughter. Your in my prayers, Kay

A fellow caregiver answered...

I like this. After reading the previous article, I believe I have some of these symptons. A physician told me months ago that I have infarction dementia; however, I am no longer seeing him. I have a new physician who has sent me to a physician who is having me have phycological testing. That has been scheduled for May 24th, 2011. I definitely have symptoms of Alzheimers. It is a struggle typing this. My mother'siser died at age 86 from the same thing. My father died at age 90 of the same thing.I am a perfect candidate for this. Please address this for me. I am a perfectionist, and it took me a long time to type this. I got off track typing this short statement. Please let me hear from you, and I apologize for all mistakes.

A fellow caregiver answered...

what can i do to slow THE DEMENSA I do cross word puzzles, play poker twice weekly . play solitare 4 or more times daily have no trouble dressing or eating i don't cook AS I DON'T HAVE TO AS THEY DO ALL THAT as i live in a retirement complex i havae artriris bacly in my fingers so have to print and have to type almost one letter at a time because of the stiff fingers so where do i really stand.??

Celticmama36 answered...

I have some of the symptoms of early Alzheimer's, too. It is very scary after watching what my poor grandma endured living with it.

I have been told that Alzheimer's is considered as Type 3 diabetes in some medical circles. If that is the case, it would seem to me that the same things that help to fight (and cure!) diabetes would also prevent and/or reverse the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

A raw food diet, no meat and no dairy, no processed foods, and in general just living a healthier lifestyle including proper weight maintenance and exercise should help us to fight this monster and hopefully win.

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