Where can I find a counselor or therapist that will make home visits?

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Dk7470 asked...

I have a friend out of state that due to the fibromylasia in her arms can't drive long distances to go and seek a therapist for the depression/suicidal thoughts she is having. Is there any kind of program where a counselor or therapist can make home visits for her to get the help she needs? There is no one available to take her into town and she feels all alone in the world.

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As Founder and Director of Circles of Care, Ann Cason provides caregiving, consulting, and training services to individuals and public and private organizations involved in eldercare. She is the author of Circles of Care: How to Set Up Quality Home Care for Our Elders.

Your friend would benefit from a therapist home visit.  There are several possibilities that you may be able to help her find someone to help. 

  • Try to find for her a suicide hot line. She will have a trained person to talk with and some of the services have home visits to follow up. Try to get the number for her as she may be too depressed to track it down.
  • Also, she might benefit from an online support group for fibromialgia.
  • Also, I would contact the visiting nurse service where she lives. Does she have health insurance?  Can she afford a visit from a visiting nurse to assess her situation and be in contact with her physician.
  •   Also, for a time it would help if you check with her frequently.  Does she have any friends who could check on her, at least by phone if there is no transportation.
  • Please write back to let me know how any of these suggestions worked out. It may be necessary to think further.

Community Answers

Sunnymoon answered...

There are local health agencies that can help you find in home care for your friend. But there a very few doctors who provide this type care. However there are many great nurses and others that will come to your home. Most of them are designed to help senior citizens. Try the state mental health department and local counseling for the aging. The local Ombudsman's office may also be able to refer help for your friend. There are also state agencies that provide transportation to and from the appointments. But unfortunately the special hello home services can be ver costly. There are churches who offer In home counseling too. It may take some time, effort and research but there is help available. I pray your friend can find the care she needs. I am housebound and have not gotten the therapy I need because I am unable to make it to my appointments. I have CF/FM/ME and severe panic attacks and I hope to get the strength and ability to get the therapy I need. But, with the help from my family, I am being referred to a special therapist/psychiatrist who also gives the new TMT. It is an unobtrusive magnetic therapy that is just being approved. I am praying that this will help me since I have several complicated chronic illnesses that have not responded to traditional medication or counseling.

Your friend is blessed to have you to care and help and I am confident you will find her the help she needs. God will bless you for your love and faithfulness and I am praying He will help guide you to find the best care for her soon. I realize the longer she goes without help, the more difficult it is to treat. The mind is so powerful but so little is known on how to treat all the complications. Mental issues can be the worst of all illnesses since it has to be treated by trial and error. Every individuals problems are unique and so many causes for the problems and none of us respond the same regardless of the type treatment we receive. But, with a good doctor she can be helped, so hang in there with her. Your love and support is exactly what she needs.