Do I qualify for govermnent stimulus offers for buying a house?

1 answer | Last updated: Nov 12, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

It is my understanding that the government will give anyone who has not purchased a house in three years or more a certain amount to stimulate the growth of the housing industry. I am getting ready to buy a house --- would I qualify to get this benefit even if I am 65 years or age or more?

Often the government has a number of restrictons to qualify for the stimulus -- please advise what they might be.

Expert Answers

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The law to which you are referring is the first-time homebuyer tax credit that Congress established last year and was extended as a part of the Economic Stimulus Law recently passed into law.  The tax credit is a maximum of $8,000 and it is calculated by taking 10% of the purchase price of your home to a maximum credit of $8,000.  This credit applies only to homes purchased during the year 2009. 

Using logic that only a Congressman could understand, the first time homebuyer tax credit is available to anyone who has not owned a principal residence within the last three years.  There is no age qualification.  So if you meet the other qualifications, you would be eligible for this tax credit.