Is this really the end for Dad?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

My dad has end stage congestive heart failure. I called the doctor's office the other day and was told that at this point they are just trying to keep him comfortable. I want to know if we are making this into something bigger than it really is.

Last week he had gained 6 lbs of fluid around his lungs. They administered lasiks to him and it is finally back down to 123 lbs where he should be. But he cannot walk too far (like probably not more than 10 ft if we're lucky) without losing his breath and panting for air. This morning he called me to tell me he can't pick up his little 3 lb puppy without losing his breath. When I talked to him one day last week he sounded like he was slurring his speech.

He is only comfortable when he is laying flat in bed, he's very tired and does sleep a lot (at least 18 hrs a day sometime more sometime a little less). I am just wanting to know if we are right in thinking about he actually may be dying and we may not have too long left, since the doctors office did say that they are trying to keep him comfortable

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Gerri1963 answered...

Your dad sounds like he is suffering the same as my dad.

He is 83

He is currently in hospital, with urine infection, chest infection and his ankles are swollen. He also has trouble breathing.

Also he gets very tired and has also to sleep upright and sleeps a lot.

Memory loss is not bad but caused largely by not taking all his medication - he is on 14 tablets a day.

Also recently before admitted to hospital his speech was slury.

I guess we have to get used to this.

Tonight at the hospital he said he was not long for this world.

My brother and I are prepared for the worst. His heart specialist said it could be anytime or it could be in 6 months or one or two years. You never know.