In some cases, residents may stay in assisted living communities if they get the coronavirus. If there is an area where the person can isolate themselves and if their symptoms are mild, it can be safe for them to remain in the community so long as they remain isolated for the duration of their quarantine period (14 days). 

Even after the 14-day period is complete, staff should complete an evaluation including taking the patient’s temperature and checking for other symptoms of coronavirus before allowing the patient to exit isolation. Some communities may also choose to have all residents who contract coronavirus- even those with mild symptoms- relocate to a medical facility if they feel it is in the best interest of the patient and the other residents of the community. 

In the event that a resident with coronavirus does stay in the community to isolate, they should relocate to a medical facility if their symptoms worsen to the point that they need medical care. Residents may return to their assisted living home once they have completed their quarantine period and are no longer showing any symptoms of the virus, including a fever. Communities and local governments may have their own, stricter guidelines in place regarding whether residents can recover from the virus in the community and when they can return if they seek treatment. 

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Additional Coronavirus FAQs