Yes, you can virtually tour an assisted living facility during coronavirus. However, you will almost certainly not be able to tour an assisted living community in person during coronavirus since most campuses are not allowing “non-essential” visitors. 

Despite the restrictions on physical visits, outlined here by the CDC, you can still get a good idea of the features of an assisted living community through its virtual tours. Virtual tours can take a variety of forms but may be scheduled via live videos with a staff member. Some facilities may offer pre-recorded videos and a phone consultation instead. 

As you prepare to take virtual tours, keep the following in mind:

  • Video Requirements: In order to participate in a virtual tour, you may need to download a video app on your phone or tablet. When signing up for a tour, make sure you’re clear on what you will need in order to enjoy the tour.
  • Scheduling Constraints: Many assisted living communities are especially busy at this time due to the increased workload that comes with enhanced cleaning and social distancing routines. You may need to schedule your virtual tour in advance, or you may not get a response right away if you make an inquiry about tours. 
  • Questions and Answers: Your tour will probably include time for asking questions about the home’s amenities and policies. Write down questions ahead of time, leaving space to jot down answers later. With your physical experience of the facility being so limited, asking questions will be even more important than usual in this touring process.

COVID-19 Update: With social distancing and stay-at-home orders, many seniors are struggling with loneliness and isolation. We’ve developed a list of products that caregivers or seniors can purchase to help older adults stay happy, healthy and connected, whether they are aging in place at home or in an assisted living community.

Additional Coronavirus FAQs