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Caring Champions 2013 -- Best Professional Caregivers of Seniors in America

2013 caring champions More than 80 professional caregivers were nominated as Caring Champions in 2013 -- and ten earned a cash bonus from Caring.com! These special stories of extraordinary senior care will make you smile, shed some tears, and feel proud of those who provide the highest-quality care to America's seniors. Learn More about Caring Champions program.

Nominee - Caregiver: Roxanne B. | Dorson Home Care

Upon arriving at work, on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 8:30 am. CHHA Roxanne B. stated that her client, Mrs. R. complained of not feeling well. Mrs. R. complained of feeling...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Karen (KC) E. | 1st in ProActive Care

She devoted herself to the family and the frail client. During the time she was working, her husband who had survived cancer, but ...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Cenzina T. | Associated Home Care

Cenzina has been a great addition to our staff since October 2011 when we hired her. Cenzina lives more than 15 miles from our Burlington office and commutes to the area every day to work with us...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Carol J. | Homewatch CareGivers

When describing Carol I would say she is one of the group of "elite" caregivers in this world. She has been with Homewatch CareGivers for for over 2 years and it has been a time she has brought joy to many people...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Amanda E. | Rittenhouse Senior Living of Portage

Amanda is an exceptional nurse, patient advocate, co-worker and supervisor rolled into one. Her compassion for our residents and desire for quality of life and dignity for them is unsurpassed...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Marcie B. | Gateway Hospice

I have known Marcie for more than 15 years. As a masters-prepared social worker, Marcie has always advocated for her patients. She is direct and supervises a staff of social workers in a way that is motivational, supportive and responsive...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Selena B. | Rest Assured Nursing, Inc.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER - At Rest Assured Nursing Inc., we were inspired to nominate Selena as a Caring Champion because of her truly dedicated, warm-hearted and compassionate care she has provided throughout the years to our senior community. Selena...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Bob L. | Homewatch CareGivers of Orlando

He has become part of the family for the client that he takes care of. The adult children claim "He takes care of him better than we ever could...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Charity N. | Homewatch Caregivers

WINNER - Born in a small mining town in West Africa, Charity learned at a very early age what it meant to cherish and embrace God, family & friends. By the tender age of 11, Charity played a major role...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Eve B. | Seniority Lifecare at Home

WINNER - In an organization where all the caregivers strive for excellence, Eve just naturally stands out as the role model for what this profession is all about...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Dilene D. | Glenbrooke at Palm Bay

Dilene is one of our hardest working CNA's. She has a steadfast approach to overcoming her language barrier and not allowing her work to be hindered by such an obstacle. She is caring and passionate about her residents...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Virginia S. | Home Instead Senior Care

I nominated this individual as I am constantly bombarded with complements and praise of this particular individual and the care they provided. On several occasions I have received unsolicited calls from clients and clients family members that she works...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Brenda R. | Emeritus at Pine Park

This lady is one of the most caring, giving people that I have met. She has some health problems herself but pushes right on to care for everyone else. She has raised 3 children of her own and is now helping raise her grandchildren. She still works...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Raffi C. | Professional Healthcare at Home

Raffi was my late father's caregiver for over 2 years. He was the most caring and devoted caregiver. My father loved Raffi's care. My dad felt that Raffi was his partner in care...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Kathryn R. | Home Instead Senior Care

I had noticed a decline in my mom's memory, physical activity and overall quality of life. In January my mom became ill. She was diagnosed with dementia, which was a side affect of her illness. Her COPD had gotten worse and now requires an afternoon...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Denice M. | From The Heart Elder Care llc.

Since the first day Denice started working for us, we have received nothing but glowing reviews about her personality and willingness to help others. She has a friendly personality and...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Mary G. | Associated Home Care

My team and I are inspired by Mary every day. We decided as a group to nominate her for this honor. Supervisors, coordinators, nurses, clients and families rave about Mary...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Cindy M. | Emeritus at The Oaks

Cindy has the job title of Bath Aide, but her caregiving goes beyond that simple description. Giving baths to the elderly residents in our Assisted Living sector requires discretion, kindness, compassion and genuine skill...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Bonnie W. | Oak Ridge Assisted Living

Bonnie has been a 10+ year employee with this facility working as a Resident Assistant, providing direct care to the residents. She has been one of those people that not only goes...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Lori T. | Emeritus at Manor House

Lori has worked as a caregiver in our community for over 10 years. She is very compassionate and loving to all residents, regardless of their disease and whatever stage they might be in...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Karen C. | Gateway Hospice

Karen, an RN Case Manager, is a hospice nurse who takes her career seriously. She is dedicated and compassionate. She leads a team of hospice professionals to...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Terri E. | BrightStar Care

We have received many different forms of feedback from our clients regarding their overall satisfaction with Terri as their caregiver. We find her to be a extraordinarily caring...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Mary C. | Homewatch CareGivers

The inspiration for nominating Mary comes from observing her as a caregiver. Mary is one of the most compassionate and dedicated people we know. She constantly goes above and beyond what is the normal job expectation...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Gifty S. | Griswold Home Care

Gifty has dedicated over 15 years of her life to assisting others as a professional caregiver. After obtaining her CNA I and CNA II certifications she has assisted in emergency rooms at a hospital, worked in skilled nursing facilities, and...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Shirley G. | Homewatch CareGivers of Western Ma

Every business looks for that "Perfect Employee", one who subscribes to the mission and values of the company, has a strong work ethic, is never sick, is reliable, dependable, smart...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Michele P. | Homewatch CareGivers

Michele is the inspiration for the nomination as she has been an inspiration for the people who are fortunate to have her as their caregiver. Michele has only been with...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Nancy H. | Sopris Home Care

As described in the questions below about Nancy, I am pleased to nominate her for the top Caregiver as she has proven this to be true in many situations. She has an...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Dawn L. | Roland Park Place

WINNER - Dawn is a standout GNA at Roland Park Place, a non-for-profit continuing care retirement community (CCRC) located in the heart of northern Baltimore City. The positive attitude, exceptional customer...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Abby S. | Boardman Lake Glens

WINNER - When I seen the opportunity to say a huge "thank you" to a job that is not for anyone because of it's content, I thought of Abby....you must have a heart to shine in care giving for the elderly due to what it all entails. Abby goes beyond the...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Beth M. | Home Helpers

She jumps in whenever needed. Clients say how amazing she is. She has a way with clients to get them to do what they need to do in her care. The family of one particular client, in a Memory Care Unit of an Assisted Living facility, told us how Beth...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Fanny C. | Partners in Healthcare

This caregiver is a Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide who is an asset to our nursing agency. We have had the pleasure of having her in our employ for more than a year...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Lyn O. | Precious Care and Home Companion Service

Even before starting Precious Care and Home Companion Service, Lyn has always endeared herself to her clients, so much so, that her prior agency would get request for her by name, or if she had filled in for someone, the client and family would want Lyn..
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Nominee - Caregiver: Christel K. | ComForcare Home Care

As a newer caregiver, Christel, was placed on a tough case as soon as we hired her. She must have called the agency a dozen times during her first 8 hours with this client. It was quite aparent that she was very nervous but also very detail oriented...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Shannon M. | Emeritus at Painted Post

Shannon has worked for Emeritus for 3 years, during that time she has shown excellent character, strength, and leadership. While Shannon is at work the residents are her number one priority...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Pearl H. | Acappella in Home Care

Pearl is a senior herself. She fell into hard time, unable to find work, so decided to volunteer at a Food Pantry in Dallas, called Brother Bills Helping Hands. She eagerly volunteered...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Cathy M. | Emeritus at Woodstock

WINNER - Cathy is the first impression of Emeritus at Woodstock when our guests enter the front door of our community. When they come to visit, they are immediately welcomed into our homelike community...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Lori P. | Home Instead Senior Care

Lori illustrates the commitment to serve her clients as well as a commitment to supporting her agency, her peers and the community. Despite her own health issues and being the mother of a child with challenges...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Mary HS. | Oak Park Manor

Mary Helen has been a dedicated caregiver at Oak Park Manor for 18 years. She is one of the most compassionate, loving and hardworking caregivers I know. She treats each resident with...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Nanette R. | Right Choice Personal Assistance

We have been very impressed with the compassion, skills and devotion of Nanette R. in her choice of the profession as a Certified Home Health Aide. She has shown initiative in always being ready...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Donna E. | Griswold Home Care

My business has been opened only a year and a half and Donna was one of the first caregivers I added to the registry. She has become a friend and a sounding board as well as...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Michelle L. | Homewatch CareGivers

Michelle has been with us for many years and has shown remarkable dedication to each of her special seniors. She has worked with some of our most difficult and most beloved clients ...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Sandra H. | Emeritus at Elm Grove Estates

Sandra is always willing to go above and beyond the needs of our residents and families that we work with. Sandra's number one concern for each resident who lives with us is their care...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Heather B. | Griswold Home Care

I have never needed to hire a caregiver until recently and was a bit apprehensive that I could find some one truly interested in giving "care and attention" and who did not just look at the time spent, as a job. I was lucky enough...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Joseph O. | Home Instead Senior Care

WINNER - Joseph is an encourager. He is well-educated, professional, and a born leader. He accepts all assignments with enthusiasm because he knows every senior he meets is going to teach him something...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Amanda S. | Aspen House

Amanda is so knowledgeable, very caring and always with a smile. She even gave me a hug when my husband failed to recognize me. She demonstrates a high quality of care every minute of every day...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Dinora M. | CURO Hospice Services

She cares about her patient and has a great personality. She is interactive with her patient and completes her job of providing activities of daily living (ADLs) that are...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Brittany L. | BrightStar Care

Brittany is an exceptional employee; she consistently goes above and beyond in the workplace, is well-liked by clients and family members of clients, is dependable, reliable...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Dorothy B. | Autumn Cove Retirement Community

WINNER - I wish everyone had the absolute pleasure of knowing Ms. Dorothy B! Her smile brightens everyone's day and her positive attitude is inspiring. After talking to other co-workers I realized...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Darlene R. | Guardian Family Care, Inc.

Darlene works for our agency because she CARES not because she needs a paycheck. She sees the needs of the client and does what she can to meet them, in any way shape or form...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Frances HM. | Homewatch CareGivers of Summerlin

Not only does Frances go above and beyond as part of her every day routine, absolutely every client she touches not only remembers her, and requests her over and over again...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Kelli S. | Life Care Connections

Kelli not only meets, but exceeds everyone's expectations with her personal touch and imagination while caring for others. She treats each on as if they were part of her own family...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Linda M. | Home Instead Senior Care

I feel Linda deserves to be recognized for the outstanding care she gives each and every day. Her heart extends to the clients, their families, and the office staff...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Teresa M. | Homewatch CareGivers

Teresa has given up her vacation twice to drive back and help clients. Once was when a man was nearing death, and Teresa had taken a rare vacation to Texas (and she was also going to...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Crystal W. | Emeritus at Cougar Springs

Continuous care and devotion to the residents at Cougar Springs. Her willingness to work, attitude, available for other shifts and given her longevity of being a Resident Care Giver for Cougar Springs...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Anne H. | Acappella In Home Care

Anne has an amazing work ethic. Her attention to detail, her love of caregiving, and her years of experience provide clients with the best possible service. She is always...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Meg B. | Promenade Senior Living at Blue Hill

Meg is our Wellness Director and is a seasoned professional. She is an RN with an incredible work ethic and her desire to serve our seniors never ends. She continues to go above and beyond to provide whatever is needed when is pertains to quality care...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Teddie B. | Foundation for Senior Care - Adult/Senior Day Care

Teddie B. is the Administrator for the Fallbrook Adult/Senior Day Care Center for the past 11 years. She is the consummate expert on dementia illnesses, caregiver burnout and client care...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Katrina A. | Heartsway Hospice of Northeast Texas

My Mom has had several caregivers in the past five years, and all have been great! But the one she has now is fantastic! We even switched hospice agencies after mom's nurse and doctor switched, and then finally her caregiver, Katrina, decided to...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Jennifer TN. | Home Help Companions

Jennifer has always been an exceptional caregiver! She has never shown anything less than 110% at all times. She has always gone above and beyond the call of duty and...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Vai F. | Emeritus at Seabrook

Vai is the epitomy of a team player. She is always volunteering to help others, she has filled in every time she has been asked. She is also the personal care product coordinator for our community...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Ashley R. | Emeritus at Woodstock

Ashley is always "Full steam ahead". Ashley works mostly in our Memory Care Community and is known for treating our residents with the utmost care and respect...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Melanie S. | Collective Home Care

Over the nearly fourteen years I have worked with Melanie I have seen a level of compassion and professionalism that inspires me to do my job better. She inspires me to love my work even though...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Bunny C. | Azura Memory Care of Eau Claire

WINNER - Bunny is the most compassionate, amazing and gifted RN that I have ever met. For the past decade she has pulled double duty by working at the Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Calire and at Azura...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Eve Br. | Valley to Valley Senior Care Center

Eve has kept the Valley to Valley Adult Day Care open in very difficult circumstances. Eve runs the center under a 501 (c)(3). When finances are tight, she tells families...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Brenda M. | Constant Companions Home Care

Brenda has provided wonderful, compassionate care to all clients she has been assigned to over the years, however, she goes above and beyond in regards to the agency...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Tina B. | Visiting Angels

We knew that Tina was an exceptional caregiver when we had so many requests for Tina to come back. Tina was always willing to work her scheduled shifts, plus fill in for call-offs whenever requested. She definitely is a TEAM player. Her years of...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Yvette W. | Emeritus at Arlington

Yvette is a one of those rare people with integrity...she does the right thing even when no one is watching. She never cuts corners, she holds her peers accountable to company and regulatory standards and sometimes, she does something extraordinary...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Nellie B. | Visiting Angels of Peninsula, Williamsburg, and Smithfield

Nellie is motivated to perform at a superior level and maintains the hiest personal performance standards. Nellie's care style is as if she was caring for her own parents. She takes...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Tracy B. | Emeritus at Fox Run

Tracy has been a full time resident assistant with Emeritus at Fox Run since Aug. 2007. She comes to work everyday with a smile on her face - ready to provide the best possible care...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Patricia M. | Associated Home Care

Patricia has been employed at Associated Home Care since March 24, 2004 as a Home Health Aide. Pat was hired when she has small children. She worked full time and...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Rachelle R. | Good Health Services, Inc

Rachelle is an amazing person and a true asset to our agency as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She is extremely professional in her approach to care yet you instantly feel a calm reassurance and an abundance of caring...
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Nominee - Caregiver: John B. | Emeritus at Palm Village

John's title in our community is maintainence director, but he is so much more than that. He engages with every resident he sees during the day, smiles, sings, will spend time with them and still manages...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Susan B. | ComForcare

Susan is in her last year of nursing school and has been a caregiver at ComForcare Sinor Services-North Dallas for 1 year. She has the best attitude towards our clients which in turn makes their days a lot easier...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Maria S. | Aspen House

WINNER - Maria is an exceptional care partner. She is quiet and unassuming. She is technically skilled at a level that is higher than most but more importantly, she is caring and compassionate and kind and gentle and all words that describe the perfect ca
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Nominee - Caregiver: Lisa G. | Home Instead Senior Care

Lisa as worked with Home Instead Senior Care for almost 10 years. In the years that I have know her she has always been kind and compassionate with each of her clients...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Carissa S. | Savannah Commons

Having only worked at Savannah Commons a short while, I have quickly learned that Carissa is the go-to nurse in our Assisted Living facility. She has helped me every time I needed information or...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Jennifer S. | Homewatch CareGivers

Jennifer is an asset to our agency because she is such an upbeat, compassionate caregiver. Jennifer's biggest strength is her positive, cheerful attitude. She is always sympathetic to her clients needs/desires while being supportive and encouraging....
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Nominee - Caregiver: Kayla N. | Vitality Home Healthcare

Kayla continues to go above and beyond for her clients and displays more passion and heart for her line of work than anybody I've ever met. Kayla has a heart of gold and is a phenomenal caregiver. Her ability to think creatively, act quickly, and love...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Erika J. | Villa Ocotillo Assisted Living

I have watched Erika work for the last 4 years. I am so impressed by her knowledge of each of our 115 residents. She knows each of their names, room numbers and personal needs and specific quirks...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Sheryl G | Emeritus at East Mesa

Sheryl has a committment to those who live in our community like I have never seen. Her heart drives her everyday to ensure that our residents get what they need...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Amelfis C. | Glenbrooke at Palm Bay

This CNA goes above and beyond her normal scope of caregiving every single day. She is requested by all our residents to provide them their care because of the love she provides them with each touch and smile she gives...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Peggy C. | Home Instead Senior Care

Adversity is a word that is commonly spoken in Home Instead Senior Care, as we discuss clients and their own challenges. What we don’t always realize is the adversity faced by...
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Nominee - Caregiver: Weini B. | A Hire Source Home Care

Weini has made a huge and very positive difference in Jane's life over the last year. When Weini started, Jane was upset, unhappy, combative. She was going through a difficult transition...
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