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Nursing Home Care: How to Respond to "I Want to Go Home"?

Caring.com User - jds
jds said...
Dad has been in the NH almost a month now. He is asking more and more about going home. My sister took him to church last weekend and stopped by her house to pick something up. He lived one lot away from her and started to get out to walk to his house. She took him there. He wanted to see if his mower was in the garage and look around inside. I don... more
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - Tizzy
Tizzy said...
Well jds, when my Mom started in with that, I would just tell her it was doctor's orders that she be... more
Caring.com User - Piver
Piver said...
jds, I'm sure Dad got a lot of comfort from realizing the house was still there with his mower & all... more
Caring.com User - Gatfly
Gatfly said...
When the folks' stuff was still at their place (all cleaned out now and the signing on the sale is F... more

In-Home Care: How to Keep Mom Active During the Day?

Caring.com User - upnorthgma
upnorthgma said...
Hello, I am the primary caregiver to my mother. She is 92 years young and I relate her behavior to approximately a 2-year old. She was diagnosed with Dementia 6-7 years ago and now has lived with me for the past 4 1/2 years. Lately, she seems to have her days and nights mixed up. She dozes all day long and I try to keep her active to stay awake... more
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - staryskies
staryskies said...
hi upnorthgma. are you from up north? glad you have decided to join us. we are the QWA, one winged a... more
Caring.com User - Gatfly
Gatfly said...
Welcome UNG! ♥ love the name! My folks are in an Assisted Living (AL) apt., so I don't have the daily stuff to deal with, but there are PLENTY on here, who do ! What part of the country (or what country) are you from? I'm in central Wisconsin. ♥
Caring.com User - LaurSavvy
LaurSavvy said...
Welcome upnorth. I look after my mother in law (MIL) 24/7 now but I did work on an ALZ/dem unit in a... more

Caring for a Spouse: Beginning Sad Journey & He Doesn't Realize Magnitude

An anonymous caregiver said...
I am just beginning this sad journey with my beloved partner. I don't believe he realizes the magnitude of what's happening. I'm grateful for any support you may be able to give and that I may be able to give back to all of you. Thank you!
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - aviovaimo
aviovaimo said...
Hello Anonymous---welcome to our group ♥This is indeed a journey and much sadness comes with it bu... more
An anonymous caregiver said...
Hi Aviovaimo - Thank you for your kind words.We have been together 22 years and have enjoyed each o... more
Caring.com User - Tizzy
Tizzy said...
Hello anonymous and welcome! Your partner may not be able to comprehend the magnitude of this horrid... more

Caregiver Wellness: Overcoming Challenges Makes Life Meaningful

Caring.com User - kathy50
kathy50 said...
It is surprising to me how rapidly I can deteriorate in the face of Mom's symptoms. I go along not feeling particularly stressed, but then putting her to bed when she keeps taking off the things she just put on, and putting everything on backwards because she thinks she's putting them on frontwards, just sends me around the bend. I'm not proud of i... more
from the Severe Stage Support Group
need2understand said...
Awww, Karthy, this too shall pass. WE all have our moments but I guess the best thing to do is reflect back on some of the more pleasant memories. That should put a smile on your face again. I hope so.
Caring.com User - DeSings
DeSings said...
I'm sorry it's been a difficult day. Sometimes we just have to cry for all our losses. Sometimes when we see the loss it reminds us of unseeable losses. Hugs, Kathy. DeAnna
Caring.com User - Field of Grace
Field of Grace said...
Sorry for your hard day.. and the evening. I know I can have a pretty good day... like you said not ... more

Alzheimer's Symptoms: Our Friends Ricky Nelson, Whitney Houston & Elton John

Mojo1-TX said...
Over the weekend, my Mom told my cousins that she had a really nice dinner with my husband's mother a few weeks ago. She passed away about 5 years ago.
from the Severe Stage Support Group
langdon said...
I think things get really missed up in their past.My husband loved music One of his favorite singers... more
Mylovinggrandmother! said...
When the singer Whitney Houston passed my mom says she attended school with Whitney in Houston. Poo... more
An anonymous caregiver said...
Just so you all know, my mom dated Elton John. I guess that was before he was gay.lol

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