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How Do I Find a Doctor Who Accepts Medicare?

1 answer | Last updated: Apr 30, 2013
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The Medicare website has a service called the Physician and Other Healthcare Professional Directory. Click on it and you can find doctors near you, listed by specialty, who accept See also:
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Medicare patients. Or you can get the same information by calling Medicare toll-free at (800) MEDICARE ([800] 633-4227), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bear in mind, though, that getting Medicare-listed names of doctors near you who accept Medicare patients doesn't guarantee that a particular doctor will accept you as a patient. Many doctors limit the number of Medicare patients they will accept. Many other doctors simply have a full patient roster and do not accept any new patients. The fact that a doctor accepts Medicare, and is listed on the Medicare website, doesn't mean he or she is required to accept you as a patient.

If you are seeking care from a specialist physician who is not intended to be your primary care physician, there may be other restrictions, too. Most specialists will only see a new patient if the patient is referred to the specialist from a primary care physician. Similarly, Medicare might not cover a visit to a specialist unless the visit is the result of a referral from a primary care physician. Because of these restrictions, if you have just moved to a new area and are seeking care from a specialist physician, you might first need to find a new primary care physician -- which the Medicare referral service can also help with.