How can I get him to a dental visit?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Uphillkline asked...

My husband has Parkinsons and has not been out of the house for the past year. He needs dental work but I don't know how to get him there. What can I do? He has several teeth that are hurting him.

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Dan Tobin, M.D. is the CEO of Care Support of America, a national service providing telephonic and local nurse counsel to adult children caring for aging parents. Dr. Tobin is the author of books and articles focused on the practical and positive aspects of family caregiving.

Contact the area agency on aging in your county to see if there are low cost transportation services for the elderly in your area. In the absence of that, may need to privately hire (non medical in home care company) someone to transport.
Call a local dentist (the family dentist?) to see if he or she knows of any area dentist who might consider doing a home visit. There are dentists who make "house calls" to nursing homes or hospitals, not as often to private homes but it is worth a try. The reasons why he hasn't been out of the house in so long will no doubt play a role in the solution. For instance is he so physically debilitated that moving is very difficult? Does he become agitated or angry or stubborn about moving? It sounds like he might benefit from a medical checkup with his primary care physician as well. Does his physician come to the house? There are physicians who make home visits and are able to do some diagnostic tests right in the home (e.g. blood work, EKG)