alzhieme'rs and broken hip

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A fellow caregiver asked...

My mother in law is in advanced Alzheimer's and broke her hip 5 days . Had rod and pin put in late that night surgery. Had to have 2 bags of blood before surgery.Her normal state at her memory care facility is in a wheel care and can't complete a full sentence. Well since surgery she has no pain meds , sleeps all the time ,has a UTI and Chronic Kidney Disease.She won't open her eyes .talks jiggerish. I saw her today and she has more bruising all down her leg and is very swollen from hip to toes. Hospital release unable to urinate on her own and with a catheter. she's at a skilled nursing facility, but She can't hear and can't follow directions . I don't know why she is there. She is going down hill.They said if they are unable to work with her she can't stay. I think she is dying slowing.She has no quality of life even before the fall, so sad.Please be honest .My husband and I see what's happening but his sisters are in denial. Like when I saw her urine output after bags of fluids before and after surgery I knew there was a problem. ease