Caregiver: Darlene R.

A Caring Champion 2013 Nominee
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Employer: Guardian Family Care, Inc.

Location: Pleasant Valley, Iowa

Inspiration for this Nomination:

Darlene works for our agency because she CARES not because she needs a paycheck. She sees the needs of the client and does what she can to meet them, in any way shape or form. From working extra hours in a bind to make sure they are taken care of, cooking home style family meals for her clients, to making holidays and special occasions as enjoyable as one can for the condition the client might be in. Darlene once cared for an elderly couple of ours, that had no family. During this time with them she prepared a home cooked Thanksgiving Turkey spread for them including bringing out the nice China and setting the table to be as pleasing as the food. She lives to make people happy and bring them moments of joy.

Caregiver's Best Skills and Attributes:

She not only has a caring heart. She is can be trusted to monitor and reports any changes in the client's health or needs. She maintains great documentation for all of her clients. And she understands the importance of being a mandatory reporter and is the first to come to management with concerns about the well being of her clients. She is a "all-in-one" caregiver, she can be trusted with every aspect of caring for the elderly.

Feedback About This Caregiver:

We have received so much feedback over 10 years with the agency it is hard to choose just one or two statements. But our feedback has included: "She is like family", "She makes me feel special", "I can trust her with mom and not have to worry about mom when I'm not there".

More About This Caregiver:

Darlene is one of our "go to" girls to train other staff on the job or with specific clients. Darlene was also asked to be one of the members of our "Employee Board" with the CEO of the company. This was a board of caregivers that gave management feedback on how we can better improve relationships and business with other employees, and clients. Darlene is a chameleon. She can adapt to any situation with any skill set/need of a client. She is a champion in every way shape and form. She is invaluable to this company, and we would be lost without her.

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