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Healthsouth Home Health of Phoenix is a home health agency serving Glendale, AZ and the surrounding area. Healthsouth Home Health of Phoenix offers around-the-clock medical and non-medical care in the home.Contact the agency for more details on services and rates.

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Healthsouth Home Health of Phoenix
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Posted by CJ Anderson July 28, 2011

I am a past client of this provider

I was a victim of a stroke,transfered from the urgent care hospital after 5 days for a month long rehab. coming from a time when I was wheelchair bound, unable to speak for my self. The staff worked tirelessly to enable me to recover to the point that I was able to return home about 80% of my recovering done!

More then just the exceptional programs of physcial, occupational and speech therapy, they utilized every opportunity to help empower my to do more and more for my self - not limiting me with their own ideas of progress, not overloading me with tasks beyond my ability. Every class took me to the edge of what I was able to do.

Further, they used every task to to bring me 1 step further;~ from washing myself, to walking to classes, to actively participating with the medical team,to even socializing with others over meals, before I even had a chance to become self concious about my condition.

The Outpatient care was even more outstanding, to the point that they had me well lanched into my profession as a teacher of adult learners. They carried me through my moments of self doubt and fears at being about to return to anything close to a "normal life", interacting with others at church, work or social gatherings.

I will be forever grateful for the huge steps forward I made, to resume a quality life after I experienced my stroke.

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