QMedic Best Features

While many medical alert devices come with location or activity tracking, QMedic is the only company that offers compliance monitoring. Compliance monitoring detects whether users are actually wearing their device, which is crucial information, since the device is only effective if the user regularly wears it. With compliance monitoring, caregivers and family members of QMedic users can have peace of mind knowing their loved one is wearing their device and is protected- or take action if they find that their loved one is not wearing their device. Compliance tracking can make all the difference in keeping seniors safe and protected during an emergency.

In addition to compliance monitoring, QMedic also offers activity monitoring with all of its devices. Activity monitoring tracks data such as users’ movement and sleeping patterns. Both compliance and activity monitoring data are readily available for caregivers via the online Caregiver Dashboard.

LandlineCellularMobile GPS
Monthly Cost$30.00$30.00$45.00
One-time FeesN/AN/AN/A
Type of DeviceIn-homeIn-homeMobile
Battery Life24-hour backup24-hour backup14 days
Water ResistantYesYesYes
Range800-1,000 feet800-1,000 feetN/A
Fall DetectionNot availableNot availableNot available

QMedic’s Plans



This system costs $30 a month with a monthly payment plan. Those who choose the annual subscription plan pay $300 for the year, essentially only paying for 10 months. Fall detection is not available with this system, or any QMedic devices.

Device Information

The in-home landline system includes two components: an in-home base station that must connect to a landline, and a waterproof, shower-safe wearable help button. The base station has a range of 800-1,000 feet, and a 24-hour backup battery. Customers have the choice of wearing the personal help button as a pendant or wristband.



The Cellular system costs $30 a month when paid for monthly, or $300 for the year. Unlike many medical alert companies, there is no upcharge for in-home cellular connection.

Device Information

Cellular is an in-home system that uses cellular connection rather than a landline. Other than the connection type, this device is exactly the same as the in-home landline system.

Mobile GPS


Mobile GPS costs $45 a month when customers select a monthly payment plan. The annual plan costs $400 for the year, saving users $120 a year. Like all QMedic devices, there are no one-time fees.

Device Information

Mobile GPS is intended for active seniors who frequently leave the home alone or enjoy traveling. The all-in-one device has an impressive battery life of 14 days between charges, and is water-resistant so it can get wet in the rain (however, it is not shower-proof). Mobile GPS may only be worn as a pendant; there is no wristband option.

Starting Costs and Contracts

QMedic does not charge any one-time fees, including shipping. The only thing that customers are billed for is monitoring services- they will never be charged for anything else.

There are no long-term contracts required, so users may cancel their service at any time without paying a penalty. However, annual customers will not receive a refund for any prepaid months if they decide to cancel their service before the year is complete. There is also a 30-day free trial period for all devices, during which users may return their equipment for a full refund.


QMedic’s monitoring services are entirely U.S.-based. There are call centers located in Utah and Idaho, both of which are UL-listed. According to the QMedic website, it takes an average of 30 seconds for operators to come on the line during an emergency call.

QMedic users can designate a caregiver or preferred contact whom they would like the monitoring center to call if the operator is unable to communicate with the caller. It is up to users whether they designate this person as the emergency contact, or if the monitoring center should call emergency services if they cannot hear the caller.

Caregiver Tools and Extra Features

Compliance and Activity Monitoring

QMedic offers compliance monitoring, a unique feature that tracks whether or not users are wearing their device. For many caregivers, getting their loved one to wear their medical alert device is a challenge. Compliance monitoring can relieve some anxiety caregivers may feel about their loved one’s safety, since they know that their loved one is wearing their device and will be able to get help during an emergency. In the event that the user is not wearing their device regularly, caregivers can take action.

Activity monitoring measures data like users’ movement and their sleep patterns. Caregivers may check activity stats to ensure that their loved one is safe and going about their day as usual. If there ever is something abnormal about a user’s activity levels, caregivers can be proactive and check in on their loved one to ensure that everything is okay. Both activity and compliance monitoring are included free with all QMedic devices.

Caregiver Dashboard

All QMedic devices include access to the online Caregiver Dashboard. Caregivers or family members of QMedic users can use the Caregiver Dashboard to check their loved one’s wear compliance, activity, and sleep patterns. Device history is also available on the dashboard, so caregivers can see if and when their loved one contacted the emergency monitoring center.

Who Should Consider QMedic

Seniors Without a Landline

QMedic does not charge an extra fee for cellular in-home systems. Many other companies charge a fee of $10 or more per month for cellular connection in the home, amounting to more than $100 a year. With QMedic, seniors without a landline will not have to pay any extra fees for emergency monitoring in their home.

Caregivers of Elderly Adults

Many caregivers worry about their loved one actually wearing their medical alert device, and may fear that their loved one will not be protected during an emergency despite possessing a medical alert system. QMedic’s compliance monitoring feature gives caregivers peace of mind, as they can check and see if their loved one is wearing their device. The fact that caregivers have access to compliance data may also make seniors more likely to wear their device.

Budget-Conscious Seniors

QMedic’s discounts for annual plans bring the monthly monitoring costs for all of their devices to the lower end of the industry price range. Additionally, QMedic does not charge any one-time fees. Some company’s startup fees bring initial costs to over $100, or even several hundred dollars, so a company with zero one-time fees can save customers a substantial amount of money. Budget-conscious seniors can take comfort in knowing that the only cost they will ever face with QMedic is for emergency monitoring service.