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How MobileHelp Compares to Other Top Medical Alert Systems

MobileHelp earned the number one spot out of 20 medical alert systems ranked and reviewed, with a perfect score of 5/5 stars. The company received high scores in all ranking categories, but earned perfect scores in the “In-Home Systems,” “Availability of Add-Ons,” and “Reliability and Reputation” categories. MobileHelp offers the best value in-home system of any top medical alert companies with its Classic device, which costs less than $20 a month including a cellular connection. No other company we reviewed offers an in-home cellular system for this price.

In the “Reliability and Reputation” category, MobileHelp excelled in part due to its generous 30-day free trial period and return policy. It also received a 10/10 score for its easy-to-navigate and detailed website. All of the company’s available devices and the associated costs are clearly presented for prospective customers on the website, so no one will be surprised by any unexpected costs from MobileHelp. In addition to a robust online FAQ section, MobileHelp also has six FAQ videos covering common questions and demonstrating how to activate and use several MobileHelp devices. Overall, customers can expect helpful and reliable customer service from MobileHelp.’s Medical Alert Provider Rankings’s team of experts and researchers ranked the top 20 medical alert providers based on different features, price points, and qualities of the company. Those data points were split into 5 core metrics and 30 sub metrics that were weighted based on importance in determining the overall quality of the companies. Each company, including MobileHelp, was scored and ranked based on those metrics and weights. 

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Pros and Cons of MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems

No extra charge for in-home cellular deviceSome users must pay device/processing fee for Classic Home
Offers many premium featuresFall detection not included in monthly cost for any devices
Unique Touch device with smart tablet
Offers medication reminders

MobileHelp’s Plans

Classic HomeWired HomeSoloMobileHelp DuoMobile DuoTouch
Monthly Cost$19.95$24.95$37.95$41.95$44.95$54.95*
One-time Fees$49.95N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Type of DeviceIn-home systemIn-home systemMobile systemIn-home and mobile systemMobile systemIn-home, mobile, and tablet
Battery Life30-hour backup30-hour backup24 hours24 hours; 30-hour backup24 hours24 hours; 12-hour backup for tablet
Water ResistantYesYesYesYesYesYes
Range600 feet1,300 feetN/A600 feetN/A150-350 feet
Fall Detection$10 a monthNot available$10 a month$10 a month$10 a month$10 a month

*6 month minimum payment period

**Touch tablet and portable device is not waterproof; the in-home component is waterproof. 



When paid for on a monthly plan, the classic costs $19.95 a month. Those who choose the monthly plan must pay a one-time fee of $49.95 (none of the other subscription options require this one-time fee), and ground shipping costs, which typically is $15. Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans cost slightly less per month and include free shipping. Fall detection may be purchased for an additional $10 a month.

Device Information

This standard in-home system includes a base station and wearable help button, which may be worn as a pendant or a wristband. The help button is waterproof and may be worn in the shower. The base station has a 30-hour backup battery and a range of 600 feet. Although the Classic is an in-home system, the device uses a cellular connection, so no landline is necessary.

Wired Home


MobileHelp’s Wired Home system costs $24.95 a month when paid for month-to-month, or slightly less when paid for on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. None of the plans carry any one-time device or activation fees. Fall detection is not available with this device. 

Device Information

One of MobileHelp’s newer offerings, the Wired Home provides an alternative for users who want an in-home medical alert system but do not want to use a cellular connection. This can be a good option for those who do not have good cellular reception in their homes. The Wired Home has an impressive range of 1,300 feet, and includes a waterproof wearable help button that may be worn as a pendant or wristband. Users must have a functioning landline connection to use this device. 



The mobile Solo device costs $37.95 a month when paid for on a monthly basis. The quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans all save customers several dollars per month. No customers, including those who choose month-to-month payment, have to pay any activation fees. However, monthly customers do have to pay for shipping (ground shipping is included with the other plans). Customers may opt to purchase a fall detection button for an additional $10 a month.

Device Information

The Solo is a portable system that is ideal for more active seniors who regularly spend time outside of the home. It works via AT&T cellular network, and does not have an in-home base station, so it works anywhere with a cellular connection. This system includes two components: a portable device that functions as a mobile base station, and a wearable personal help button. The wearable help button is completely waterproof, and may be worn as a pendant or wristband. The portable device has a battery life of up to 24 hours. This device also uses GPS location technology to help monitoring center operators quickly locate callers during an emergency.

MobileHelp Duo


The MobileHelp Duo costs $41.95 with a monthly payment plan, or slightly less per month with a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment plan. In addition to costing a few dollars less per month than the monthly plan, the longer payment periods also include free ground shipping. Monthly customers must pay $15 for shipping. No customers will face any device or activation fees for the MobileHelp Duo. Fall detection is available for an additional $10 a month. 

Device Information

This system provides comprehensive coverage with both an in-home and mobile component. The MobileHelp Duo includes an in-home base station, a portable unit, and one wearable help button, which connects with both the in-home base station and portable device. When at home, users are protected by the in-home unit and can place their mobile device in the charging cradle. When out and about, users simply bring the portable device and wearable help button with them for emergency protection anywhere that has AT&T cellular service. This ensures that whether at home or on the go, users can always access help when it’s needed. 

Mobile Duo


The Mobile Duo may be paid for on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. The monthly plan is the most pricey, and costs $44.95 a month. The other options save customers several dollars per month and include free ground shipping. Monthly customers must pay for shipping, but there is no activation fee for the Mobile Duo under any of the plans. Fall detection costs an additional $10 a month.

Device Information

The Mobile Duo is intended for couples, siblings, or any pair of people who share an address and need protection. It’s a two-for-one bundle that includes two portable devices and two personal help buttons for just $7 more per month than the Solo plan. The system uses AT&T’s cellular network to connect users with the monitoring center, and also has GPS technology so callers can be quickly located by emergency responders. The devices feature water-repelling technology and the personal help buttons are completely waterproof. 



Unlike MobileHelp’s other devices, the Touch only has two payment options: semi-annual and annual. When broken down on a month-to-month basis, the system costs approximately $54.95 a month. There are no one-time fees other than shipping, and fall detection may be added for an additional $10 a month. 

Device Information

This first-of-its-kind system includes a portable, all-in-one medical alert device, plus a tablet designed specifically for seniors. The tablet, which features a large 8-inch touch screen, may be used to play brain games, for medication reminders, or as an additional help button, among other things. It is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, while the waterproof portable medical alert device uses AT&T’s 4G LTE network. The Touch system is intended to “enhance the self-care experience” and make it easier for seniors and their caregivers to manage their loved one’s health. 

Starting Costs and Contracts

In addition to paying for monitoring services, some MobileHelp customers may have to pay one-time fees. Monthly customers must pay for shipping, but quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans include free ground shipping. The only customers who are required to pay an activation fee are those who pay for the Classic device on a monthly plan. There are no activation fees for the other devices.

MobileHelp does not require any long-term contracts. Users are free to cancel their service at any time, and will receive a prorated refund for any prepaid months. There is a 30-day free trial period for all new customers. 


MobileHelp partners with a third-party monitoring service, Rapid Response. Rapid Response has been in business for over 25 years and works with both medical alert and home security companies.

Rapid Response is completely US-based, with locations in California and New York. All operators undergo a 6-week training program and are certified by the Security Industry Association. Monitoring center staff members also undergo pre-employment and drug screening. The company is certified by the Underwriters Laboratory.

Caregiver Tools and Extra Features

MobileHelp Connect App and Web Portal

MobileHelp Connect is a web portal and mobile app to help caregivers and family members of MobileHelp users monitor their loved one’s health and safety. Some of the features of MobileHelp Connect include system status alerts, location tracking, and activity tracking. Caregivers can also sign up for event notification, which will send them an alert whenever their loved one presses their help button to call the emergency monitoring center. 

Users who opt for MobileHelp Connect Premium, which costs $5 a month, receive enhanced benefits including device protection and discounts on MobileHelp accessories. 


MDLIVE is a telehealth service that’s available to all MobileHelp customers for $9.95 a month. Using MDLIVE, MobileHelp users have access to board-certified physicians 24/7 and will never have to pay copays or other fees. MDLIVE appointments take place via a secure video conferencing platform and may be used for diagnostic purposes or for questions or advice about an existing condition. The MDLIVE physicians may also write patients prescriptions for non-narcotic medications. The service is available around-the-clock and is free to use other than the $9.95 monthly fee; users are not charged per appointment. 

Activity Tracking

Activity tracking allows users and their loved ones to monitor activity levels. The feature uses the MobileHelp Fall Button, a fall detection pendant, to track activity, and then displays the information via the MobileHelp Connect app and online portal. MobileHelp produces charts displaying daily activity as well as weekly, monthly, and yearly stats to help identify movement trends. Caregivers or loved ones can also sign up for alerts for times when there is abnormal activity or periods of inactivity.

Medication Reminders

Medication reminders can be added to users’ MobileHelp plan for $5 a month. This service allows users of MobileHelp in-home systems to schedule medication reminders online. At the predetermined times, an alert will sound through the in-home base station to remind users to take their medication. Caregivers and family members can sign up for notifications indicating whether their loved one ignored or accepted the reminder.

Optional Devices

MobileHelp customers also have the option of adding additional devices to their plan, including:

  • A lockbox to help emergency services easily enter users’ homes during an emergency. MobileHelp currently provides all customers with a lockbox free of charge.
  • Wall-mounted help buttons may be added to subscription plans for $2 a month. These buttons may be placed anywhere in the home and function as additional personal help buttons, providing extra protection for users of MobileHelp in-home systems.

Who Should Consider MobileHelp

Seniors Without a Landline

MobileHelp doesn’t charge extra for in-home systems with cellular connections, making it a very affordable option for those without a landline who want protection in the home. The MobileHelp in-home systems are less expensive than comparable cellular in-home options with other companies.

Active Seniors

MobileHelp’s offerings include four mobile devices, giving active seniors plenty of options. The Solo and Mobile Duo systems are designed for mobile use only, while the MobileHelp Duo and Touch provide on-the-go monitoring along with coverage in the home for those who want an extra layer of protection.

Seniors Who Struggle to Stick to a Medication Schedule

Several MobileHelp systems may be upgraded to include medication reminders. Users or their loved ones schedule the reminders online, and an alert will sound through the in-home base station or tablet to remind seniors when it is time to take their medication. This is particularly useful for seniors with complicated medication schedules or those who often forget to take their medication.

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