Medical alert systems are a vital part of many seniors’ plans to stay safe at home or while out and about. As the CDC explains, falls cause 3 million older Americans to visit emergency departments each year. Seniors who spend time alone may experience worse injuries and complications if they do not have an easy way to call for emergency services when something goes wrong. A wearable medical alert device that you can press for help can enable you to get treatment as quickly as possible, reducing your risk of further complications or unnecessary pain. 

Despite the safety benefits of a medical alert system, not all seniors like the idea of wearing a medical alert button around their necks. Large, drab plastic buttons are common, and their presence tends to prompt frequent questions from friends and strangers. Seniors may find it tiresome or embarrassing to constantly explain their devices. However, those who want a device that is more discrete or stylish now have the option of jewelry medical alert pendants. Primarily geared towards women, jewelry medical alerts feature stylish colors and designs that will work well with a variety of outfits. Below you can learn more about three excellent jewelry medical alert buttons. 

The 3 Best Medical Alert Necklaces

MobileHelp Trelaware

MobileHelp is a leading maker of medical alert devices, offering several different systems for use at home or on the go, and the majority of its systems do not require a landline at all. Its Trelaware necklace-style medical alert button is an upgrade that can be used with the MobileHelp cellular base station, mobile device, or the tablet (“Touch”) base station. Monthly costs for medical alert monitoring and devices range between $19-$55+, so there’s a wide range of costs to suit differing needs. You can learn more about costs and exact plan details by visiting our full MobileHelp Medical Alert System Review.

The Trelaware jewelry-style medical alert button is made from brass and can be purchased with gold or silver-toned finish. Its sturdy chain will stand up well to daily wear, and its round statement pendant measures 1.3” across. It features a faceted black “stone” that is made from resin to resemble onyx. The medical alert button is concealed discreetly on the backside of the pendant. Pushing the button within up to 600 feet from the cellular base station or up to 250 feet from the mobile device or MobileHelp Touch will activate the base to call for help. This device includes a battery that can last up to three years. Seniors should call MobileHelp for information on the cost of adding a Trelaware necklace to their plan. This device is not waterproof. 

Bay Alarm Medical Bella Charm

Bay Alarm Medical provides some of the most affordable medical alerts plans on the market, and its jewelry-style Bella charms are a discreet safety solution. This company’s monitoring systems offer many unique features, including monitoring in over 170 languages. Plans start at $21.95/month, and there are bundles for landlines, cellular plans, and combination plans. Our full review of Bay Alarm Medical provides more cost and feature details. 

Bay Alarm Medical’s Bella charms are attractive 2” discs that snap onto the company’s standard medical alert buttons, concealing its otherwise utilitarian looks. The charm currently comes in 4 different waterproof designs (Stella, Bellarosa, Fantasia, and Marina), each of which weighs less than 2 ounces when attached to the regular medical alert pendant. You can buy any of the charms for $25 each, or you can purchase the bundle for $90. Changing your charm out is easy, and having the option of different decorative colors/patterns can help you feel like your medical alert device blends into your different outfits.   

Medical Guardian Limitless Icons

medical guardian limitless icons jewelry pendant in blue

Medical Guardian offers a jewelry-style medical alert necklace very similar to the one offered by MobileHelp, but its catalog includes multiples stone colors for greater customer choice. The Limitless Icons are buttons designed to be used with home and/or mobile plans from this company. Medical Guardian plans cost between $30-$45+/month, depending on the exact features selected. With a mobile plan, you can activate the pendant up to 200 feet from your mobile base, and with the home plan, you can activate up to 400 feet from the base. 

In-depth information about Medical Guardian plans is available in our full review of this company.

Medical Guardian specifies that its pendants are not waterproof and should not be worn in the shower or to bed. However, they are otherwise very sturdy and are made from brass and resin. The four available designs (Audrey, Tippi, Farrah, and Dolly) come in a range of gold or silver finishes, and the laser-cut resin stones can be black, white, or turquoise-colored. A magnetic clasp on the brass chain makes taking your necklace on and off easy. Adding a jewelry style button will add just 2.99/month to the base price of your Medical Guardian plan. 

The Benefits of Emergency Response Systems

An emergency response system is likely to cost $20-$50/month, a small price to pay for better safety and peace of mind. For seniors who live alone or who spend time alone periodically when family and caregivers are not at home, a stylish medical alert pendant can offer several important benefits.

Benefits of jewelry-style medical alert pendants:

  • Ability to call for help quickly after a fall or injury
  • Better health outcomes due to prompt emergency responses 
  • Peace of mind for family members who may worry about you being alone
  • Confidence boost for seniors who have experienced traumatic injuries in the past and who are worried about them happening again
  • Some designs can even be worn in the shower (varies by company)
  • Jewelry medical alert necklaces can make wearers more compliant 

Learn More About Medical Alert Systems

Every medical alert company has its own device styles and monitoring plans, from the jewelry-style medical alert necklaces we described here, to durable emergency alert bracelets, and more. If you’re interested in making a medical alert system part of your lifestyle, then there’s so much more to learn. Our guide to The Best Medical Alert Systems of 2021 is a great place to start if you want to learn more about how to compare the pros and cons of the top companies in the industry and find a medical alert system that best meets your needs.