COVID-19 Update: Since the medical alert industry is considered to be “essential” during the COVID crisis, monitoring and customer service centers are still open and ready to help. To learn more about how a medical alert device can help keep you or your elderly loved one safe and connected during this pandemic, take a look at our list of essential products for seniors during COVID-19.

A single fall can impact your health for months — possibly even years. Unfortunately, less than half of seniors notify their doctor after a fall, and those who do seek care often wait longer than they should. Every second matters after a fall-related injury, and receiving prompt medical care can prevent long-term issues. This is especially true if you fall during a stroke or experience a head injury from the impact.

Some senior men incorporate preventative measures, such as home modifications or decor changes, to reduce falls. These changes, while helpful for many elderly adults, are not always enough to prevent accidents. That’s why many older men carry a medical alert bracelet or pendant around the home and place wall-mounted help buttons in high-risk areas. Some of the best medical alert system providers also offer on-the-go coverage for men, including smartwatches and phone apps.

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems for Men

Spouses, friends and caretakers aren’t always available 24/7. If an accident occurs, it’s crucial that an injured senior seeks help immediately, even if they’re home alone. Medical alert systems make it easy to reach emergency professionals if a fall occurs, even if you are unable to speak or move. For maximum protection, look for a device with automatic fall detection that contacts medical help for you, even if you are unconscious or in too much pain to reach the button.

There are numerous medical alert systems available, each with different prices and subscription plans, so choosing the best one can be overwhelming. We’ve done the legwork for you and detailed three of the best medical alert systems for men below.

The 3 Best Medical Alert Systems for Men in 2020

Medical Guardian

Some elderly men prefer classic devices, such as pendants and wall-mounted buttons. Medical Guardian offers these devices, but the company also carries a smartwatch-style device. Subscribers must pay a one-time $99 activation fee if they want the watch, but other devices have no activation fees.

There are six plans available, so elderly men can easily find a combination of features that suit their needs. Medical Guardian does not charge cancellation fees, so men can try medical alert systems without a long-term commitment. Monthly plans range from $29.95 to $79.95 before including the cost of additional features, such as fall detection and a lock box. Fall detection costs an extra $10 per month for compatible devices, and wall-mounted buttons range from $2 to $5 per month.

Men with a spouse or caretaker interested in tracking their progress can take advantage of the free caregiver portal. GPS monitoring logs activity in the app, and you can also set alerts for inactivity.

Medical Guardian is best for men who are comfortable with modern technology and want premium features. Men who prefer simple devices may do better with Life Alert or another company.


MobileHelp hasn’t been around as long as companies such as Life Alert, but it still has favorable reviews and a high customer satisfaction rate. Subscribers appreciate that they aren’t obligated to choose a long-term plan with MobileHelp. Annual plans are available, but customers can also pay monthly, quarterly or twice a year.

Plans range from $19.95 to $41.95 per month, plus the price of special features such as fall detection, which costs $10 per month for compatible devices. MobileHelp medical alert systems transmit data via a cellular connection through AT&T, so they’re ideal for men who don’t have a landline. You can use the GPS-enabled devices at home or when you’re out running errands, but keep in mind the smartwatch does not have fall detection.

Elderly men have the choose of a classic in-home unit compatible with a pendant or wristband, plus a mobile-friendly device and a smartwatch. Subscribers receive a free lock box so emergency workers can easily enter their home when needed, which is a perk similar providers do not offer. All of MobileHelp’s devices are water resistant, and their battery lifespans range from 24 to 48 hours.

Life Alert

Life Alert lacks many of the add-ons and special features MobileHelp and Medical Guardian have, but that’s part of what makes it so popular with some elderly men. The products are simple and easy to use, so you don’t have to learn how to navigate a slew of confusing features.

Every 11 minutes, Life Alert saves a subscriber’s life. The company has been around for more than three decades, and though it’s pricier than other options on our list, it’s still a solid choice. Life Alert is the only medical alert system provider that offers a mobile unit with a non-rechargeable battery, which is important if you are shopping for an absentminded man or a senior with dementia. Two of Life Alert’s devices have batteries that last for up to 10 years.

Life Alert monitors elderly adults with cellular data from GSM phone networks, plus GPS tracking. The company also offers a smartphone app for seniors who need help while their device charges. Plans range from $49 to $89 per month, plus activation fees, and seniors must commit to a three-year subscription plan.

One potential deal breaker for some seniors is that Life Alert doesn’t offer fall protection. However, the company defends this decision by stating many seniors become stressed by false alerts associated with devices that have fall detection enabled.

Why Choose a Medical Alert System for Men?

Any senior, even a strong, energetic man, can become injured during an unexpected fall. As the clock ticks after an accident, a senior may experience complications that could have been prevented with prompt medical care. That’s why many men use a wearable medical alert system at home and on the go. These medical alert devices provide around-the-clock coverage for elderly men, so they can enjoy personalized protection no matter where life takes them.

Coverage continues in the shower or bath if you choose a water-resistant medical alert system. You may also want to find a device with a long battery life for uninterrupted protection day and night. Wall-mounted buttons often last for years without a battery replacement, and many of them are water resistant. You may also benefit from an app that lets you track medication or monitors your movements.

How to Find a Medical Alert System for Men

As you search for a medical alert system, consider the following factors:

  • Your budget
  • Your physical limitations
  • Whether you prefer a simple device or one with special features
  • Whether you need coverage at home, on the go, or both
  • Whether you have a landline or prefer cellular coverage
  • The preferences of a spouse or other loved one who may want a device with a caretaker app

Thinking about these factors can help you choose the best medical alert system for yourself or an elderly man. Remember to plan for the future when you compare plans rather than just focusing on current circumstances. For example, a high-priced plan packed with features may work for your budget now, but what if you decide to live on retirement funds soon? You may end up locked into a pricey contract, which can make it difficult to pay for food or utilities. Consider a flexible subscription with no long-term commitment if you anticipate an income change in the near future.

A medical alert system can be a lifesaving device for an elderly man. Compare different features and plans, then choose one that works well for yourself or a loved one’s lifestyle.