Massachusetts provides home health care financial assistance in limited situations with the use of its state Medicaid plan’s Moving Forward Plan (MFP) waivers. MassHealth, Massachusetts’ Medicaid plan, offers two MFP waivers: MFP Residential Supports (MFP-RS) and MFP Community Living (MFP-CL) waivers. The MFP-CL waiver includes home health aides to support individuals who wish to transition back to living at home and have been hospitalized or placed in a nursing home for the previous 90 days.

Who is Eligible for an MFP-CL Waiver?

To qualify for an MFP-CL waiver, applicants must be MassHealth recipients and must either already be in a nursing facility or hospital for chronic disease or rehabilitation for at least 90 days. They must also be able to transition safely to home with the ongoing services provided by the program. 

This program is open to adults 18 or older with a disability or for any adults aged 65 or older who meet clinical requirements, can be safely served in the community and meet financial requirements for MassHealth coverage.

What Does the MFP-CL Waiver Cover?

Covered services will vary based on individual needs, as determined by a case manager while developing an individual service plan. However, individuals who qualify for MFP-CL waivers may receive services such as a home health aide, occupational therapies and skilled nursing care.

Additionally, recipients may also receive other home assistance, including support for activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living, such as homemaker services, day services, chore services, personal care and independent living supports.