The cost of home health care in Texas is $24 per hour on average. According to Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey, this is $3 cheaper than the U.S. average of $27 per hour, which can make Texas a good choice for seniors who’d like to receive care in their own homes. Texas is a big state, so prices can vary significantly depending on the city seniors live in. This guide gives an overview of average home health care prices in several Texas cities, plus cost information comparing Texas prices to nearby states.

Home Health Care Costs In Texas Cities

In general, the highest prices for home health care can be found in North Texas, while cities in the southern part of the state have the most affordable rates. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has hourly prices averaging $25.50, and to the south in Waco, rates are a little cheaper at $24.48 per hour. To the south in San Antonio, hourly median prices go down a little more to $24. Home health care costs the same in Houston, which is situated about 50 miles from Galveston and the coast. The capital city of Austin’s prices are among the highest in Texas at $27.25 per hour.

Very low home health care prices are available to seniors who don’t mind living outside of the bigger cities. In Laredo, hourly rates average $15.99. Nearby Brownsville and McAllen cost residents only $15 per hour, which is one of the lowest home health care rates in Texas.

Home Health Care Costs In Nearby States

Compared to its neighbors, Texas is one of the lowest-cost states for home health care in this part of the country. Only Louisiana and Arkansas are cheaper, costing its residents just $19.50 and $22 per hour, respectively. Seniors in New Mexico pay a little more, with hourly rates averaging $24.40. Oklahoma’s cost of living is very low, but it’s home health care costs are high for the region at $25.50.