Home health care in Nebraska costs an average of $28 per hour. According to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey, home health care costs in Nebraska have increased by 7.69% since 2020. Nebraska’s costs are slightly higher than the national average of $27 per hour, or $5,148 per month. 

Monthly Home Health Care Costs in Nebraska

The amount you pay for home health care per month can vary due to required services and how many hours per week you need care. For example, 8 hours of care 5 days a week would cost $4,854 per month, and 24/7 care would cost $20,385 per month. Families should work with their loved one’s medical teams and their chosen home health care agency to determine what kind of care is needed and whether it’s a short-term or long-term arrangement. 

Hourly Home Care Costs in Different States

The hourly cost of home health care varies significantly from state to state. In Nebraska’s neighboring states of Kansas and South Dakota, home health care costs an average of $24.50 and $31 per hour, respectively. In California, home health care costs an average of $32 per hour, while New York averages $30 per hour. Texas averages $24 per hour, and Florida averages $25. Meanwhile, Nevada and Maryland match the national average of $27 per hour.