In Mississippi, the median cost of home health care is $20 per hour. This is significantly lower than the U.S. average hourly rate of $27. For comparison, somebody who needs 44 hours of care each week will pay around $3,813 per month in Mississippi as opposed to the national average of $5,148 for the same number of care hours. Prices are based on figures from Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2021.  

Home health care includes rehabilitation support and intermittent skilled nursing services. It is different from home care, which covers assistance with daily activities and personal care. Although designed to meet different needs, both types of in-home care share the same average fees in the Magnolia State.

What Factors Can Affect Home Health Care Costs?

The actual hourly rate for home health care can vary depending on several elements. Agencies may charge more for services provided outside of regular business hours, such as in the evenings or on weekends. Home health care services are administered by a multidisciplinary team made up of nurses, rehabilitation specialists, dietitians, social workers and other medically trained professionals. Overall costs of home health care can vary according to the exact services required. Requirements for medical equipment and medications can also impact the price.

Home health care costs vary between Mississippi’s major cities. Seniors who live in or near the state capital of Jackson can expect especially affordable care, with an hourly average of $18.50. This is $1.50 less per hour than the state average and $8.50 lower than the national average. Median hourly fees increase to $21 in Hattiesburg and $22 in Gulfport.    

  • Jackson: $18.50
  • Hattiesburg: $21
  • Gulfport: $22

How Much Does Home Health Care Cost in Nearby States?

Home health care providers in Mississippi typically charge similar or lower fees than agencies in neighboring states. Seniors in Alabama can expect the same average hourly rate of $20 as their peers in Mississippi. Older individuals who are aging in place in Louisiana typically pay around $19.50 for an hour of home health care. Average prices increase to $22 in Arkansas and $24 in Tennessee, which are higher than in Mississippi but still more cost-effective than the national norm.      

  • Mississippi: $20
  • Louisiana: $19.50
  • Arkansas: $22
  • Tennessee: $24
  • Alabama: $20