In the state of Utah, there are 235 memory care facilities that provide Alzheimer’s care. Those who are elderly and suffer from memory loss or dementia are provided with specialized care with the intention of aiding them in living dignified lives.

Type of Care in Memory Care Facilities

Dementia is an umbrella term for conditions that impair people’s ability to retain or form memories. Dementia also affects cognition, making it progressively difficult for seniors to make decisions and perform actions necessary for leading a healthy life. Memory care communities provide resources to accommodate seniors’ failing cognition over time. Modern facilities use fences, cameras and GPS devices to prevent seniors from wandering. Seniors with memory conditions can safely pursue hobbies and interests under the guidance of memory care experts. These facilities also afford seniors a lively social environment where they can interact and form strong bonds with peers living with similar conditions.

The main benefit of memory care facilities is receiving coordinated care from experts. Seniors receive caregiver assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, brushing their teeth, using the toilet and personal grooming. They have full-time access to physicians for emergency care and receive care from licensed nurses to keep up with prescriptions for different health conditions, whether or not those conditions are caused by dementia. Memory care facilities can also offer physical, speech, music, art and pet therapy to help seniors improve their cognitive abilities.

Benefits of Memory Care in Utah

Utah is a western state known for its wealth of natural attractions. The region is filled with mountains, valleys, lakes, deserts and acres of pine forests. According to the 2020 Census, Utah is home to over 3.2 million people, and more than 380,000 of its residents are 65 years or older. The state’s scenery and low population density make it ideal for seniors who enjoy wide open spaces, fresh air and beautiful views.

Seniors can also find affordable memory care services in Utah. The state has the least income inequality in the country and offers its residents affordable health care, transport and memory care. The monthly costs of memory care in Utah are lower than the U.S average. Memory care in Utah is also cheaper than in the neighboring states of Arizona, Idaho, Colorado and Nevada. The additional supports of Medicaid and local government waivers make receiving memory care more affordable for seniors in Utah.