Washington may pay for home health care through its state Medicaid program, Apple Health. If you do not qualify for Medicaid, there may be other home health options available in Washington.

What is Washington State’s Apple Health Program?

Apple Health is Washington’s state Medicaid program, which helps low income residents ages 19-65 afford health care. The monthly income limit for a single person to qualify for Apple Health as of April 2022 is $1,507, or $18,084 per year. Senior citizens in Washington would need to apply for Medicare through the federal health care system, as they would not qualify for Apple Health due to age.

Does Washington State Apple Health Pay for Home Health Care?

Under Apple Health, seniors may qualify to have some of their home health care paid for by the state. The median cost of home health care in Washington is $6,578 per month, which may be difficult to afford for someone with a low income. Washington has a program for the “medically needy,” where people who are over 65, disabled or blind may submit their monthly medical bills. The amount of the bills would be deducted from the person’s income, which may then help them qualify for state Medicaid (Apple Health).