Vermont pays for in-home care for eligible seniors aged 65 and up, but they must meet specific income and clinical criteria to qualify. Services are provided through Vermont’s long-term care Medicaid program, which is called Choices for Care. Below, learn more about what Choices for Care offers, and find out who’s eligible.

Choices for Care Program Overview

Choices for Care is aimed at people who need a moderate-to-high level of help with their daily activities of living, such as showering, preparing meals, using the toilet and getting dressed. A program participant receives services in their home, a family member’s home or a residential care facility. Seniors can receive an allowance to hire their own caregivers or have a case manager arrange services on their behalf. 

Choices for Care Services

Applicants must undergo an assessment to determine whether they fall into the Moderate Needs Group or the High/Highest Needs Group. Services a person can receive differ depending on which group they’re in. Services for those in the Moderate Needs Group include:

  • Case management
  • Adult day care
  • Homemaker services
  • Funds to spend on personal care, supplies and medical equipment

Services for those in the High/Highest Needs Group include the services listed above, plus:

  • Around-the-clock supervision
  • Companion care
  • On-site nursing
  • Home modifications
  • Habilitation
  • Personal emergency response system
  • Assistive technology
  • Caregiver respite

Choices for Care Eligibility

Eligibility requirements vary for the Moderate Needs Group and High/Highest Needs Group. For the Moderate Needs Group, individuals must:

  • Be 65 years or older or 18+ with a disability
  • Have a monthly income of $2,679.12 or less and assets totaling $10,000 or less
  • Need daily supervision due to impaired decision-making, require monitoring of a chronic condition or require assistance with activities of daily living a minimum of three times per week

For the High/Highest Needs Group, applicants must:

  • Be 65+ or 18+ with a disability
  • Have a monthly income of $2,523 or less and assets valued at $2,000 or less
  • Require a nursing facility level of care