Texas pays for seniors’ short term home health care through its own Medicaid program. Seniors with a nursing home level of need can get long-term home health services through Texas’ Primary Home Care (PHC) program. 

Short Term Home Health Care in Texas

Seniors in Texas who need short term home health care services, including home nursing and non-medical in-home care, can get benefits for up to 60 days directly from Texas Medicaid. To qualify for this benefit, a senior must be enrolled in Medicaid and have a doctor’s recommendation and a comprehensive care plan. The authorized services have to be consistent with the senior’s medical needs or age-related disability, and they may be delivered by any Medicaid-authorized home health provider. After the initial 60-day period, the senior’s needs may be reassessed to determine whether their home health services have to be extended or if they can be stopped. 

Long Term Home Health Care in Texas

For long term home health care in Texas, it is common for Medicaid to shift a senior’s care over to the PHC at-home long-term care plan. Under this program, seniors in Texas who qualify for Medicaid can get in-home caregiver services, chore assistance, transportation aid, limited home modifications and home health visits ranging from pain management and wound care to orthopedics and physical therapy. Seniors enrolled in the PHC continue to receive home health services for as long as their physician’s care plan calls for them.

Getting Home Care in Texas

To get home care in Texas, seniors must meet both Medicaid and PHC financial and need eligibility standards. Seniors who meet the income and asset limits for Texas Medicaid can make use of the short-term home care option, while PHC enrollees must demonstrate a continuing need for services. PHC beneficiaries must continue to meet the Medicaid financial requirements, and initial approval for assistance involves a home visit and comprehensive needs assessment. Periodic recertification may be required for seniors who remain enrolled with PHC for longer than one year.