Missouri pays for varying levels of in-home care. Qualified seniors and eligible adults can benefit from the state’s Medicaid program and several waiver programs. Through the Medicaid State Plan, adults who require nursing home-level care and are enrolled in Medicaid can receive either Basic or Advanced Personal Care Services as part of their coverage. These services include help with activities of daily living and for those with advanced needs can also entail some home health care services. 

Certain in-home care services are also available through Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers. For qualifying seniors, the Aged and Disabled Waiver contributes towards the cost of homemaker services aides who provide in-home care such as chores, running errands and cooking. The Independent Living Waiver provides similar services for qualifying disabled adults under 63. The Structured Family Caregiving Waiver also covers certain in-home care services for residents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

What In-Home Care Services Does Missouri Pay For?

In-home care services typically consist of non-medical services, including assistance with personal care and activities of daily living such as getting dressed, grooming and bathing. In-home care can also entail light housekeeping, meal preparation, errand-running and even some light nursing services such as help with medication setup and diabetic nail care.

In-home services can relieve family members or other caregivers from needing to provide costly around-the-clock support for senior loved ones. Additionally, there are some services that can be provided in the home and are covered by Medicare. This includes visits by nurses and physical, occupational and speech therapists.

How Do I Qualify For Or Receive In-Home Care In Missouri?

To qualify for one of the HCBS waiver programs, seniors must be eligible for Medicaid and undergo a nursing assessment process while falling within the program’s financial guidelines. Medicaid eligibility depends on seniors’ individual needs, both medical and financial. Financially, seniors’ income must fall below a monthly income cap of $963 ($11,556 annually). For couples, this income cap is $1,297 per month ($15,564 per year). Additionally, seniors may also not own over $5,035 in assets per individual, not including one’s home, vehicle or other personal belongings. However, these exact amounts may vary depending on one’s unique circumstances and the exact program they are applying for.Interested seniors can apply for Medicaid online here or over the phone by calling (855) 373-9994. Individuals needing help to complete the application can contact the Family Support Division Contact Center by calling (855) 373-9994 for application assistance over the phone and (855) 373-4636 to request in-person assistance at a local office.