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In-Home Care: Explaining the Caregiver to Dad so He Doesn't Forget

Adilyn said...
How do I write a simple reminder letter to my dad reminding him on his most forgetful days that he has agreed to have a caretaker,babysitter ?......don't know best term .... Be in house w.him for a couple hrs. So my mom can get groceries etc and not have to worry.
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - SuWhaley
SuWhaley said...
Welcome Adilyn! You have just joined the best support group in the world. Members here (One-Winged A... more
Caring.com User - LaurSavvy
LaurSavvy said...
Adilyn, When I have problems getting my mother in law (MIL) to listen or go along with what we need ... more
Caring.com User - LaurSavvy
LaurSavvy said...
Sorry, Hi Adilyn and welcome, I have been coming to this group for 3 months now and wouldn't know ho... more

Respite Care: Mom's Spending September at Nursing Home

glkd said...
I dropped Mom off at the nursing home where she will be staying for the month of Sept. She did so much better then I ever expected. She was happy & smiling. I gave her a kiss goodbye & told her I loved her & would be back soon. I feel quilty, but releaved at the same time. I know she will be well taken care of.
from the Severe Stage Support Group
grannymurf said...
Good for you. Now go about getting some of that badly needed rest, relaxation and recreation. You not only deserve it. You need it. Have a great weedend.
glkd said...
Grannmurf Thank you very much. I intent to do just that. What a strange feeling it is not having Mom here though. Gale
Caring.com User - Bob's wife
Bob's wife said...
Gale - Enjoy this month. Get your health back into good shape. Go, do, all of what you want. I will be thinking of you. Let us know how everything is going. Charlene

Caring for a Parent While Working: Overwhelmed with Responsibilities

overwelmed, Marlene said...
So tired, take care of my mom with dementia full time and also work with dementia seniors in a senior center. Feel so overwelmed and tired but need to work. But having a had time coping and my co-workers dont understand. Had a breakdown today at crying and no one seemed to care....
from the Severe Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - TanyaK
TanyaK said...
I think that I would be overwhelmed as well! You are dealing with the same thing 24/7. It does surpr... more
Snowbells said...
Is your mother at the center where you work? How are you juggling caring for her and doing your job... more
Caring.com User - Goingcrazi
Goingcrazi said...
I'm seeding prayers and giving you a biggggggggg huggggggg. I'm feeling too, it must be the full blue moon . Let's blame it on the moon :)

Caring for Father-in-Law: Need Gift Ideas for 89-Year-Old with Alzheimer's

In-Law Caregiver said...
FIL's 89th birthday was last Sunday. So hard to find gifts for him anymore. I wanted to get him a box of the larger sized Legos to play with. My DH feels it would have been disrespectful giving him a toy obviously made for small children. I certainly do not mean to be disrespectful, but am just tired of giving gifts that he will never use. Am ... more
from the Moderate Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - aviovaimo
aviovaimo said...
I think those Legos would have been a great idea---also something to do with him! People recommend puzzles so why not Legos....lots of bright colors as well ♥ Never mind what the men say,follow your own ideas !
Caring.com User - LaurSavvy
LaurSavvy said...
They have puzzles and games for the residents at the NH where I worked, Duplo would have been great.... more
Caring.com User - Tizzy
Tizzy said...
I don't think it would have been disrespectful at all. I think your DH is thinking of the past and b... more

Caring for Mom: All-Time Record for Getting Up at Night - We Need Sleep!

Caring.com User - kathy50
kathy50 said...
Mom set an all time record for getting up during the night. I don't know what was going on, but she was out of bed and wondering what to do next every hour for the first five hours she was "asleep". At 2am I finally fixed us both some sleepy time tea and a piece of cinnamon toast. She slept for 3 whole hours after that! Then we were back to up and down. I was so glad to drop her off at daycare today. They'll let her sleep if she needs to. I got a 3 1/2 hour nap!
from the Severe Stage Support Group
Caring.com User - meme62/MS
meme62/MS said...
So sorry to hear about your mom being up and down so much. But very happy that you were able to recover at a little of that lost sleep later. Hugs, Joyce
Caring.com User - Sobeitfornow
Sobeitfornow said...
Kathy, if you tell the doctor about this he will prescribe something you can give her at 8 p.m. and she'll sleep. Have you ever given her anything for sleep?
Caring.com User - dear one of Mort
dear one of Mort said...
Some folks have good luck with Melatonin.

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