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In the peaceful countryside of Fulton County sits Life Care Center of Rochester. Here, the beauty of Indiana's seasons can be enjoyed from an enclosed courtyard. The rich, white brick exterior, lush greenery and rocking chairs on the veranda evoke charm and warmth. Nursing home residents may choose to participate in a wide variety of both on- and off-site activities planned by the activities director. The facility also offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation along with a dedicated Alzheimer's care unit. Life Care Center of Rochester's team of certified staff provides quality nursing care on a personal level to both residents and outpatients.

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Life Care Center of Rochester
Posted by Cloud1 September 18, 2012

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Overall everything seemed to be very well taken care of at all times. Everyone seemed to be genuinely happy with their work and they were always more than happy to help with whatever questions or tasks that needed to be done. The food and entertainment was also a plus and all of the residents seemed to be in high spirits. Honestly, it turned a bad situation and make it tolerable for everyone.Obviously, my mother in law was very happy to finally get out of there after her physical therapy was complete. Though, it never would have been possible without all of the help and dedication from the friendly doctors and the extra helpful staff of the facility. It was a pleasure and I hope and pray that all facilities show the same love and respect to all of their residents. So, I guess in conclusion, everything was amazing. The care exceeded all of my expectations and took away some of the fear and stereotypes that I had heard about assisted care facilities and retirement homes. Good work!

Life Care Center of Rochester
Posted by Renee4 February 05, 2012

I visited this facility

As you walk into the facility you enter into a grand lobby decorated at this time of the year with wreaths, Santas, and snowmen of different colors and sizes. Not one the same so as to represent all cultures. As you walk past the warm and cozy lobby the rest of the building invites you to stay and enjoy the surroundings. Nurses are busy talking with residents about their day and giving them the much needed doses of medicine. Aides are assisting the ones who need a little more help than others. All seem to be smiling at the ones offering them a bit of attention in their usually lonely life. Of course you have the other staff members who are running back and forth. Laundry bringing fresh linen to the linen closets and resident's bedrooms, kitchen bringing out homemade food, and housekeeping mopping up a spill or just tidying up a resident's room. During the day this little world inside this big building comes alive. People are busy with showers, meals, activities. Family arrives through out the day to spend time with loved ones. When you sit back and observe a person seeing their family for perhaps the first time this week or even month, you see a sparkle of recognition light up in their eyes and the love spread through their face. Even if you don't know the resident or the people visiting, it brings a smile to your face just to see the difference in the resident. So when I go into a nursing facility I not only see the beauty of the building and the nice decorations they have provided to make the nursing home look more like a home, but I also see the lives that live there. Each one has a different personality, humor, and soul. I never know what I am going to experience as I walk through the doors, but I know that perhaps that day I can stop and say hello to someone I don't know. To show someone who has no visitors a little attention. Perhaps I can change their day. Perhaps they can change mine.

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