Caregiver: Denice M.

A Caring Champion 2013 Nominee
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Employer: From The Heart Elder Care llc.

Location: Sussex, New Jersey

Inspiration for this Nomination:

Since the first day Denice started working for us, we have received nothing but glowing reviews about her personality and willingness to help others. She has a friendly personality and is able to adapt to any situation or circumstance. She's like a chameleon, she can adapt to fit into any client environment. She has never called out, is available any time we ask her, even if its seven days a week. She is always on time, is flexible when needed even on a last minute basis. The clients that she has worked for on short notice all call back and request her because of her kind spirit and calming personality. She is one of a kind and we are so proud to say she is one of our own.

Caregiver's Best Skills and Attributes:

She lives in the moment every day and never loses site of what she is doing for others. Denice always goes the extra mile to please every client she visits. She is creative, has a professional demeanor with an amazing attitude for helping others. She inspires other people to want to do good. She has a professional demeanor, is flexible, well mannered, hard working and compatible with all types of people.

Feedback About This Caregiver:

This is what one family said about Denice. She was discrete in her mannerisms, knowing that this family was dealing with their dad's final days. Denice was pleasant and kind in her demeanor, and she seriously took the role of caring for their Dad so that the others in the family could either do other tasks or rest to be ready for the other needs throughout the day. She was sensitive to the needs around the family and would willingly and quietly do laundry, dishes or any other things around the house in order to stay busy and help our family in a well-rounded way including spending time with our 2 year old son. During the time she was with the family, Denice herself was going through her own family's journey as her father-in-law passed away after a long illness similar to this client's family. Knowing that her own family was dealing with their loss did not in any way diminish, but in fact, increased her empathy for this family and their situation. It was almost as if she was caring for one of her own. The family highly recommends Denice, in fact even when Denice was no longer working with the family she called and sent a sympathy care to this family They felt it was a final demonstration of her kindness and care in showing that she was not looking at this assignment just for herself, or as a job, but as a way to help people in a time of need.

More About This Caregiver:

When ever I talk to new caregiver's I use her as an example as to the type of person we want to work for us. Her generous ways and warm personality along with her knowledge, adaptability and ability to be inspire and show each caregiver that every day can be a better day and to make a difference in the life of one or all seniors. Our seniors look forward to seeing her and she gives them reason to get up every morning.

No matter where we send Denice she makes a positive impression. One of her other responsibilities is to work for a woman with Alzheimer's in an Assisted Living. The first time she visited this client she took the time to learn about her past and about the things she liked to do and Denice went to work with her "bag of tricks" She had everyone in the unit admiring her because she was able to engage other's with her creative solutions. The clients daughter as well as the Executive Director called me to tell me how amazing she was and if the schedules could be changed to keep her visiting the client which we were able to do.

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