Caregiver: Katrina A.

A Caring Champion 2013 Nominee
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Employer: Heartsway Hospice of Northeast Texas

Location: Winnsboro, TX

Inspiration for this Nomination:

My Mom has had several caregivers in the past five years, and all have been great! But the one she has now is fantastic! We even switched hospice agencies after mom's nurse and doctor switched, and then finally her caregiver, Katrina, decided to switch too -- that did it -- we switched too for not wanting to lose her! She is a bright light in what can be a dim world -- Mom has severe Alzheimer's and is now bedridden -- Katrina can get the job done with the least bit of disruption to mom. Mom can be so obstinate at times with anyone at times, but Katrina is the most patient person I have ever met! Katrina is the best!

Caregiver's Best Skills and Attributes:

I'm definitely not the best author on ANY subject, Just know that Katrina knows exactly what to do to help me and Mom in Mom's caregiving - shows me how to do so many things that I need to do for mom by myself when no one else is here. If all aides/caregivers were so thorough and patient, no one would have a problem having a 'stranger' in the home - and Katrina is definitely not a person you could consider a 'stranger', even after just one visit! She sticks to her job and ignores outside distractions - but she is open to questions and even to talkative people!

Feedback About This Caregiver:

Unfortunately mom really can't articulate what she is feeling, but she has at times told us she feels better after Katrina has bathed her, even though she might not like it always during the process!

More About This Caregiver:

The world is a better place with people like Katrina A. -- and mom's nurse, Paula M.

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