Since the medical alert industry is considered to be “essential” during the COVID crisis, monitoring and customer service centers are still open and ready to help. To learn more about how a medical alert device can help keep you or your elderly loved one safe and connected during this pandemic, take a look at our list of essential products for seniors during COVID-19.

Most seniors are more at risk of accidents, falls and other safety and health concerns. That’s why many seniors and their families choose to invest in medical alert systems to stay safe. These systems make it easy for seniors to get the help they need during an emergency. The medical alert devices can instantly connect them to trusted medical professionals or family members and caretakers to get quick assistance. These devices can help seniors feel more comfortable living alone or away from family.

There are many medical alert systems, so the options may seem overwhelming at first. We’ve done the work of researching each system so that it’s easy to make a more informed choice. This guide describes RescueTouch and QMedic, two popular medical alert systems that are currently available.

RescueTouch is a good option for individuals who may have a history of falls or who are accident-prone because fall detection is available. It’s also a good choice for seniors who want more control over the type of plan they buy, as RescueTouch offers monitored and unmonitored plan options. QMedic is a great choice for seniors who need extra monitoring because the service includes a free caregiver dashboard tool. The brand also offers 24/7 monitoring with all of its plans.


Side-By-Side Comparison




Up-Front Equipment



Monthly Monitoring

Family Monitored: $29 - $65

Professionally Monitored: $24 - $75

Landline and Cellular Home Systems: $30

Mobile GPS System: $45

Activation Fee

$99 - $178





Optional Monthly Add-On Services




Water-Resistant Wearable Devices

Pendant and wristband

Pendant and wristband for Landline and Cellular Home Systems



Landline or Cellular (AT&T)

Two-Way Voice Communication



Range (from in-home base unit for landline service)


800-1000 feet

Battery Life

Up to 2.5 days with GPS turned on

Up to 5 days with GPS turned off

24-hour backup for Landline and Cellular Home systems

Up to 14 days for Mobile GPS device


Fall Detection

Included with Family Response with Fall Detect, Chit Chat Twin Pack, The Whole Shabang! and Chit Chat Monitored Twin Pack


GPS Locator

Included in all devices except 9-1-1 Direct plan and device

Included in Mobile GPS device

Coverage Away From Home



24/7 USA Call Center




Automatic Medication Dispenser and Organizer, Lockbox, Wall-Mounted Button


RescueTouch Overview

Created by Florida Health Alert and Technology, RescueTouch is a medical alert system with good reviews. The brand offers unmonitored and monitored plans, giving seniors more control over the device and system they buy. The devices include Voice Connect technology, which makes it easy to communicate during emergencies. While some medical alert systems require landlines, this one doesn’t, so customers can use it both at home and while away from home.

For seniors who don’t need professional monitoring, three family-monitored plans are available:

  • The Family Response plan contacts family members and caregivers when the SOS button is pushed. This plan lets users add up to five people to the emergency contact list.
  • The Family Response with Fall Detection plan includes the above features and fall detection.
  • The Chit Chat Twin Pack plan includes two devices, which can both be monitored under one plan. The devices can be used as walkie-talkies so subscribers can talk to each other. Fall detection is also included in this plan.

Professionally monitored plans are also available through RescueTouch. The three plans include:

  • The 9-1-1 Direct plan has one wearable device, and it doesn’t have GPS tracking capabilities. This plan is professionally monitored 24/7; when the wearer presses the SOS button, they’re connected directly to their local 911 service.
  • The Whole Shabang! plan comes with one device, which includes 24/7 monitoring. It offers the same features as the Family Response with Fall Detection plan.
  • Finally, the Chit Chat Monitored Twin Pack comes with two wearable devices that include 24/7 monitoring. It offers the same features as the Chit Chat Twin Pack plan.

There’s a one-time $99 fee for a single device and a $179 one-time fee for twin-plan devices.

Pros of RescueTouch

  • Devices are comfortable, showerproof pendants.
  • No landline is required to use this service.
  • The devices can be used at home or away from home.
  • Unmonitored and monitored plans are available for greater flexibility.
  • Rates are locked in, so prices don’t change.
  • Flexible payment plans are available.

Cons of RescueTouch

  • All devices are wearable, and there’s no dedicated in-home device option.
  • A one-time activation fee is charged with all device purchases.

QMedic Overview

QMedic is another top-rated medical alert system to consider. It prides itself on using technology developed by MIT scientists. QMedic offers both in-home and mobile systems. A standout feature provided by the QMedic service is a caregiver dashboard, included at no extra cost. This app makes it easy for caregivers to check in on their loved one’s activity. Family members can make sure their loved one’s sleep patterns and levels of movement are normal. All of the plans offered by QMedic include 24/7 monitoring, for added peace of mind.

For seniors who want an in-home system, both landline and cellular plans are available:

  • The Landline plan requires a landline and includes a base station and one wearable device, either a pendant or wristband with a waterproof button. This plan offers 24/7 monitoring.
  • The Cellular plan is a good option for individuals who don’t have a landline. This plan includes a base station and one wearable device, either a pendant or a wristband with a waterproof button. This plan offers 24/7 monitoring.

For seniors who want to invest in a medical alert system that works when they’re away from home, a Mobile GPS plan is available through QMedic:

  • The Mobile GPS plan includes a mobile device that can be taken anywhere. This device is available as a water-resistant pendant and can hold a battery charge for up to 14 days.

Pros of QMedic

  • There are no activation or shipping fees.
  • Monthly fees are affordable, and there are no long-term contract requirements.
  • No landline is required to use this service.
  • A caregiver dashboard is included with the service and can be used to track the wearer’s activity.
  • Purchasers have a choice of pendant or wristband for landline or cellular plan devices.
  • Discounted pricing is available when paying annually.

Cons of QMedic

  • There are no unmonitored plans available.
  • Fall detection is not available.
  • No wristband option is available with the Mobile GPS plan.
  • There are no accessories or upgrades.
  • The subscriber doesn’t own the equipment; instead, it’s leased during the service contract.

Pricing Comparison

The monthly pricing for both is similar, though RescueTouch includes fall detection in the pricing. QMedic’s caregiver dashboard is a useful feature that comes at no extra cost to subscribers.

There are no shipping fees for either company’s devices or systems, and neither plan requires a long-term contract or commitment. Subscribers can pay on a month-to-month basis and cancel at any time. Both companies also offer a free trial. RescueTouch does charge activation fees, but the purchaser then owns the equipment. With QMedic, the equipment is leased.

Our Pick

RescueTouch and QMedic are accredited through the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Equally as impressive, there aren’t any customer complaints on the BBB website. Both of these brands are well-rated and have a good reputation, but they differ in some ways.

One big advantage of RescueTouch is the included fall detection. QMedic doesn’t offer fall detection at all. This makes RescueTouch a better option for more accident-prone seniors. We like that QMedic provides an included caregiver dashboard, making it a good choice for seniors who need extra care and who may benefit from ongoing activity tracking.

While both companies have a lot to love, our pick is QMedic because of the unique caregiver dashboard and simple, transparent pricing with no extra charges.

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