Nevada seniors who meet the eligibility requirements for the state’s Medicaid program qualify for home health care financial assistance through Medicaid waiver. This assistance is used to mitigate the costs associated with home health care. Some waivers come with their own set of qualifying criteria. Care services can be chosen from any home health agency approved by the state.

There are a few additional state programs that have their own set of qualifying criteria to save seniors’ money on home health care services. Some of the services are provided through community volunteers, while others are offered through established agencies. Although they do not pay directly for care services, seeking assistance through these programs can reduce seniors’ dependency on paid agencies.

Financial Assistance through Medicaid

To qualify for financial assistance through Nevada Medicaid, seniors must meet the established age, residency, income, and resource requirements. An eligible recipient must be at least 65 years old and a resident of Nevada. The applicant must be either a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, U.S. national or legal immigrant and must fall below the income and resource levels set to be classified as low income. Income and resource limits are set based on the number of residents in the household.

If approved, the Personal Care Services (PCS) program offers assistance with activities of daily living that specifically include bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, mobility, transferring with positioning, and eating. Some seniors can be approved for assistance with instrumental activities of daily living, including meal preparation, essential shopping, laundry and light house cleaning. To determine eligibility for these services, a physical or occupational therapist must do a needs assessment.

Other Assistance Programs

The Homemaker Program used to be offered through the state but has now been delegated to various county agencies. This program provides non-medical services to eligible seniors in their homes, reducing the need for this type of assistance through a paid agency. Some covered tasks include assistance with cleaning, laundry, activities of daily living, meal preparation and grocery shopping.

For seniors with severe disabilities who require a nursing home level of care, Nevada offers the Personal Assistance Services (PAS) program to delay nursing home placement. A personal assistant is provided to assist with bathing and grooming, transportation, eating, dressing and toileting. The assistant will also help with light housework, meal preparation and laundry. For seniors with a full-time caregiver, respite care is also offered through this program.