Idaho residents who meet eligibility guidelines for Medicaid will qualify for home health care financial assistance if their needs meet the state’s requirements. Once low-income seniors are approved for adult Medicaid, their service coordinator can assess their needs to determine whether home health care is a viable option to prevent them from needing placement in an assisted living facility.

With Medicaid in place and needs assessed, the state offers financial assistance for several home health care services through approved home health agencies. The service coordinator will work with seniors and their families to access the services that meet their care needs and fit their budget.

Adult Medicaid and Care Needs Guidelines

To be eligible for Idaho Medicaid, seniors must be either U.S. citizens or legal immigrants and must be a resident of Idaho. Income requirements must be met with guidelines set based on the number of people living in the residence. Resources, such as bank accounts and investments, must also fall below the set limits. As of March 2022, a senior living alone must not have a monthly income that exceeds $1,563 and must have less than $2,000 in resources to qualify for Medicaid.

To access home health care financial assistance, seniors must also meet the level of care needs the state has established to support placement in an assisted care facility. This includes assistance with hygiene, meal preparation, cleaning tasks and simple medical care, such as medication reminders. Care needs can not rise to nursing home levels of care, which require skilled nursing and more consistent monitoring.

Services That Are Covered in Idaho

Seniors who meet the Medicaid and care level requirements can receive financial assistance for several care services from approved agencies. A case manager is provided to help navigate enrollment and scheduling. Homemaker services are available to assist with cleaning and meal prep duties, sometimes including assistance with running errands. Seniors can also request a home health aide and a personal care assistant to help with hygiene and general health management.

For seniors that want some recreational time outside of their homes, Idaho offers assistance with adult day health services that include activities in a supervised setting. Habilitation options are offered as in-home or day services and can be selected to assist seniors with learning new skills. Respite care is also covered to provide full-time care providers with a break, offering in-home or specified facility care for a determined period of time.