Seniors in Vermont are considered to be on a low income for the purposes of Medicaid eligibility if their income is less than 138% of the Federal Poverty Level. The 2022 Federal Poverty Level guidelines list 138% of the FPL as being $1,562.85 per month if the senior applies alone and $2,105.65 if they are applying as a couple.

The Federal Poverty Level is used to calculate eligibility for various benefits, as well as access to low-income housing and the SNAP program. Many seniors in Vermont use Medicaid to cover the costs of home health care services and help with the activities of daily living.

Medicaid for the Aged, Blind and Disabled Uses Lower Income Limits

Medicaid for the Aged, Blind and Disabled uses lower income limits than Medicaid for seniors who require a nursing-home level of care. However, some seniors who exceed the income limits may still qualify for Medicaid by “spending down” some of their income on allowable expenses. Seniors can spend money on their own medical expenses and the medical costs of themselves and their children.

Veterans May Have More Options for Help With Health Care Costs

Veterans may be able to get additional help with the cost of health care through the Veterans Administration. This support includes pensions and benefits offered to former servicepeople regardless of their income, as well as help with transport to VA healthcare facilities and crisis payments for those facing financial hardship.