A senior in Nebraska has a low income if they earn $18,075 or less before taxes. This figure is for a one-person household and qualifies certain seniors for financial assistance. This increases to $24,353 before taxes for a household of two people and $30,630 before taxes for a household of three. Nebraska residents over the age of 65 that are within these income limits may be eligible for Medicaid, which can help them cover some costs of long-term care.

What Financial Assistance Is Available for Seniors in Nebraska on a Low Income?

In Nebraska, seniors on a low income may have access to financial assistance programs such as Medicaid. To qualify, applicants must be over the age of 65 and within the income limits specified above. Medicaid does not directly cover assisted living costs in Nebraska; however, it operates an Aged and Disabled waiver, which can be used to cover some of the costs. This is an extension of Medicaid that is offered to seniors who meet certain medical and financial requirements and aims to provide a community-based alternative to assisted living.

Are Less Costly Long-Term Care Options Available for Seniors on a Low Income in Nebraska?

Seniors on a low income in Nebraska can find lower-cost alternatives to assisted living with adult day health care, which is the least expensive option for long-term care in the state. This allows seniors to access daytime personal and health care services and is ideal for seniors who reside with a caregiver or loved one who cannot provide for them during these hours. Home health care agencies are more expensive than assisted living but may be a significantly cheaper alternative to a nursing care provider.