The average cost of home health care in Montana is $28 per hour. This fee covers the cost of personal care support and basic nursing services delivered by a professional in the senior’s own home. Home health care providers can be a good option for seniors who require some support with the activities of daily living, but who do not require the level of care a nursing home provides. These services enable the senior to live in their own home and live as independently as possible, while still ensuring they are safe and receiving the medical support they require to stay healthy.

Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care?

Medicare will cover some of the cost of home health care for eligible seniors. To qualify for this support, seniors must have been assessed by a doctor as being homebound and must have been prescribed a care plan that includes intermittent skilled nursing care or other specialized care services. Seniors who require a higher level of care may find long-term care options such as assisted living or nursing homes to be more suitable for their needs.

How Many Hours of Home Health Care Can Seniors on Medicare Receive Per Week?

In most cases, seniors can receive up to 28 hours of home health care per week via Medicare. Those who are assessed as requiring more than this may be eligible to receive an additional 7 hours per week. Requests for additional hours are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Seniors who require full-time care may be able to request further support through Home and Community-Based Services programs or other similar programs.