Home health care in Alabama costs $21 per hour. The costs for home health care may vary depending on the area of the state that the senior lives in. There are other senior care options for those who need more intensive care.

Home Health Care Costs Across Alabama

Alabama has some of the lowest home health care costs in the country and is more affordable than most of its neighboring states. Seniors living in the Birmingham area will pay the highest costs in the state, paying a median of $22.75 hourly ($4,338 monthly). Those living in Huntsville and Mobile enjoy the lowest costs, at $21 and $20 per hour, respectively ($4,004 and $3,813 monthly).

Other Senior Care Options in Alabama

Home health care provides seniors with help around the house, along with some skilled nursing services such as wound care and IV medication. For those looking for more intensive care, an assisted living facility may be a better option for around the same costs, with a median monthly cost of $3,503. Seniors needing 24/7 care may need to consider a nursing home, which comes at a more significant cost, averaging $6,676 monthly for a semiprivate room.