Home health care in West Virginia costs $18.75 per hour. Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey indicates that this is far below the national average of $27.00. Home health care providers’ offerings include nursing and physical, speech and occupational therapy. For individual seniors, the cost of home health care depends on several factors. Seniors in more expensive areas may face higher rates, and the same goes for those who need extensive rather than basic service packages. Overall costs also go up as home health aides’ visits increase in frequency and length.

Home Health Aides’ Hourly Rates in Nearby States

Compared to the states around it, West Virginia is remarkably affordable when it comes to hiring a home health aide. Its hourly average rate of $18.75 is $6.25 below Kentucky’s median hourly cost of $25.00. Hourly differences like that add up quickly, as this example shows: For a senior who hires a home health aide for 44 hours per week of care, the average monthly cost in West Virginia will be $1,192 less than it will be in Kentucky.

Other neighboring states have even higher typical fees. Across Virginia, the average hourly rate is $25.98. Pennsylvania has similar costs, which average out to $26.00 per hour. The corresponding rate in Ohio is $26.50, and in Maryland, it is $27.00 per hour.

  • West Virginia: $18.75
  • Kentucky: $25.00
  • Virginia: $25.98
  • Pennsylvania: $26.00
  • Ohio: $26.50
  • Maryland: $27.00

What Do Home Health Aides Charge per Hour in West Virginia’s Top Cities?

Genworth has published data on home health aide costs in seven prominent West Virginia cities. Of those, Beckley’s average hourly cost is the lowest, coming in at $14.25. Parkersburg and Morgantown have identical median fees of $16.00. Average prices are higher in Wheeling and Huntington, where seniors can expect to pay around $18.00 and $19.25 per hour, respectively. There is a more noticeable price jump between those cities and Charleston, where the average home health agency’s rate is $23.50. Weirton’s median rate is $24.00, making it the most expensive Genworth-assessed city in West Virginia.

  • Beckley: $14.25
  • Parkersburg: $16.00
  • Morgantown: $16.00
  • Wheeling: $18.00
  • Huntington: $19.25
  • Charleston: $23.50
  • Weirton: $24.00