In Rhode Island, a home health aide costs around $31.25 per hour. Rhode Island has some of the highest home health aide prices in the whole country, with the average hourly cost sitting at $27. Despite this, home health aides are still an affordable option compared to assisted living, and the state offers some financial support.

What Is The Monthly Cost Of A Home Health Aide In Rhode Island?

On a monthly basis, seniors in Rhode Island can expect to pay around $196 per day for home health care. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, this adds up to $5,958 per month, with actual prices varying by provider and care plan.

Home health aides support the wellness of seniors as they age at home. They have a broad range of duties depending on the needs of each client. They can prepare and serve meals, provide assistance with chores and help people with limited mobility get around their homes. They can also provide personal care and administer many types of basic medications. As part of a comprehensive plan that may include home modifications and familial assistance, home health aides can help keep aging adults safe and comfortable in their homes. 

How To Get Help Paying For A Home Health Aide In Rhode Island

At $31.25 per hour, home health aide care adds up to $71,500 on an annual basis. This is more than $10,000 per year cheaper than assisted living services, which average $81,915 in Rhode Island. Homemaker services are a little more affordable, but less comprehensive, averaging $68,640 annually. 

There are 31 home health care providers serving Rhode Island. Seniors looking for help financing this type of care can take advantage of a few options offered by the state. One is the Rhode Island Home and Community Care Co-Pay Program, which is open to people over 65. Seniors who need assistance finding the right care provider to meet their needs can contact their local Area Agency on Aging