In New Hampshire, the average cost of a home health aide is $32.50 per hour. This is high compared to many states in the nation; the average price is $27 per hour, but actual prices vary by care provider and location. For those in need, New Hampshire has some assistance programs that are designed to make in-home health care more affordable.

How much does a home health aide cost per month?

It costs $204 for a full day of home health aide care in New Hampshire, according to the Cost of Care Survey conducted by Genworth. On a monthly basis, this comes to roughly $6,120.

Home health aides are a great choice for the large percentage of seniors who prefer to stay at home instead of moving into long-term care. These certified caregivers offer health support and companionship. Home health aides can help with a wide range of tasks, from housekeeping to personal hygiene. They can deliver physical therapy and administer most basic medications. Home health aides can be an integral factor in the comfort and wellness of people with disabilities or health concerns. 

How much does a home health aide cost per year in New Hampshire?

Annually, a home health aide costs around $74,360 in New Hampshire. Compared to homemaker services, which cost $72,072 per year, home health aides are a little more expensive. This is partially due to the higher level of care they offer. Home health care is a slightly costlier option than assisted living facilities in New Hampshire, which average $72,630 per year. 

In the state, there are 90 agencies offering home health care. For those who meet eligibility requirements, there may be some financial aid programs available to help cover the cost of this care. In New Hampshire, the Home and Community Based Care program is one of these. For information about these assistance programs and help locating a care agency that meets their needs, seniors can contact their local Area Agency on Aging