A home health aide costs around $28.50 per hour in Arizona, according to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2021. Home health aides are a part of the professional multidisciplinary teams that provide home health care services. Aides usually assist seniors with personal care tasks, such as bathing, grooming and dressing, and may also help with everyday activities such as eating and toileting. Although the state doesn’t have any formal training requirements for home health aides, home health care agencies in Arizona often make staff members meet stringent criteria and keep on top of yearly job-related training.

Costs of a Home Health Aide in Different Arizona Cities

Average costs of home health aides vary widely between Arizona’s major cities. Median hourly rates range from $22.50 in Yuma to $35 in Flagstaff, representing a significant price difference of $12.50. Seniors in the state capital of Phoenix can expect to pay approximately $31.25 per hour for home health aide services; it’s the second most expensive place for home health care in the state. Rates decrease slightly to $28.75 in Tucson. Home health aides tend to cost the same as the statewide average of $28.50 in Sierra Vista. The median hourly fees of $27 and $26.50 in Lake Havasu City and Prescott Valley, respectively, are less than the Arizona average.

  • Yuma: $22.50
  • Flagstaff: $35
  • Phoenix: $31.25
  • Tucson: $28.75
  • Lake Havasu City: $27
  • Prescott Valley: $26.50
  • Sierra Vista: $28.50

Regional Costs of a Home Health Aide

The national average cost for a home health aide is $27 per hour. Of Arizona’s neighbors, only New Mexico has a lower median fee for home health aides; here, an hour of care costs around $24.40. Nevada shares the U.S. average price. Home health aides in Utah, California and Colorado are generally more expensive than those in Arizona; respective hourly rates run around $30, $32 and $33.50.

  • Arizona: $28.50
  • California: $32
  • Nevada: $27
  • Utah: $30
  • Colorado: $33.50
  • New Mexico: $24.40