A home health aide costs an average of $30 in Alaska. A home health aide is a trained professional who provides services to help seniors remain safely at home. They typically work under the supervision of a nurse. They usually provide a range of non-medical services, such as assistance with bathing, dressing and mobility. Although aides generally can’t administer medication, they can usually remind seniors that medications are due and help individuals open bottles or packets.

Home Health Aide Costs across Alaska

Although they each perform different services, home health aides and home care aides charge the same average hourly rate in Alaska. There are only two cost reference points for home health aide rates across the state: Anchorage and Fairbanks. Home health aides typically cost $30.50 per hour in Anchorage and surrounding areas, including the state capital of Juneau. North in Fairbanks, the average hourly rate of $30 is on par with the statewide median cost.

  • Anchorage: $30.50
  • Fairbanks: $30

Average Home Health Aide Rates in the US

Costing around $30 per hour, Alaska home health aides are pricier than the nationwide average of $27. However, the Last Frontier shares the same average price as Hawaii and several mainland states, namely Utah, Wisconsin, Maine and Vermont. The nation’s westernmost states of Washington, Oregon and California cost more per hour for home health aides than Alaska, with respective rates of $34.50, $32 and $32.